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#YourShout: Young People's Mental Health Services

Posted by Tom (Sub-Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 11/09/2015 at 17:57
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Have you used C.A.M.H.S.* or child and young persons mental health services in the last 3 years or are you a family member or carer of someone who has?

Here's your chance to influence how mental, behavioural and emotional health services are run for under-26-year-olds in Cardiff and the Vale. It's #YourShout.

"Why might I want to?" No key service should be run without the direct input of those who use it. If you want to criticise (constructively!) the mental health services you've experienced, now's the time. It might just help how thousands are helped for years to come.

"How can I help?" Your answers to this survey will go right to the health board planning group for our area, the Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Partnership Board. They're the ones responsible to the Welsh Government for our local mental health strategy and delivery.

"What's the survey on?" It's basically on what services you know of and how useful you find the information that they give you. It's also about whatever you think could be improved. This survey specifically asks about services for children and young persons aged 0-25.

The survey says it only takes a "few moments" to complete and we can vouch for that. Of course, you could keep writing forever if you have a lot to say** (you can always write us an article if you have something you really want to share with Cardiff).

You can find the survey online here. If you have any technical difficulties, you can download it here and email it to sefyll@cavamh.org.uk. Or, you can send it by post to Jasmin Chowdhury, cavamh, Unit 11, Williams Court, Trade St, Cardiff, CF24 4BG. 

The survey will close end of day Friday September 18th.

**Actually, I don't know if SurveyMonkey has a word limit...!

*C.A.M.H.S. is the Child and Adolesent Mental Health Service - it offers assessment and treatment for children and young people experiencing emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

TheSprout is about having your say. Yes, it's about sharing your ideas, opinions, news, advice, creative writing, etc, but it's also so much more. It's also about getting your voice heard at the "top table" - interviewing leaders and collecting your opinions through key surveys. #YourShout #YourSprout


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