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#YourShout - theSprout Survey

Posted by Megan_ProMo from Cardiff - Published on 29/03/2016 at 16:00
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Iiiiiiiiit's survey time!

theSprout exists to serve you the finest news, views and information from across the city. But, we just can't do it without your opinions...including your opinions about theSprout.

Your favourite site in the world. The one. The only.

Did you know that it takes LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES to do theSprout survey? Or that you could win a free t-shirt if you do? Or that every time someone submits a feedback survey, a sprout tree grows a foot taller?*

*Okay, I maaay have made that last bit up.


If you could just use a few minutes of your spare time to do this survey, good stuff happens! It means that we can make better decisions about the site and make sure you're getting the right information, the most interesting news and the best-looking site in the history of best-looking sites.

In the time it's taken you to read this, you could have told us what you like/what bugs you AND put yourself in the running for ****FREE STUFF****

Convinced yet? Get typing.

Other things that take less than five minutes:

  1. Eating a sprout 
  2. Following us on Facebook & Twitter
  3. Reading this amazing article 
  4. Or this one... 

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