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#YourShout: Cardiff's 10-Year Plan To Stay Attractive

Posted by Tom (Sub-Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 11/09/2015 at 19:29
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Fancy having your say on Cardiff's adventurous, ambitious 10-year plan to become the most liveable city in Europe?

Cardiff Council has a giant 10-year to-do list to make us the best city in Europe in which to live - and we, at theSprout, have an opportunity for young people to have a direct say on and into these plans. 

Why might you want to? Well, our vibrant, growing capital city is going places - but we need to make sure that it is heading in the right direction. What is the "right direction"? You can help decide.

What Matters?

The plan is called the What Matters Strategy and it involves lots of people working together to improve aspects of our everyday lives, through the Cardiff Partnership.

These people include our City Council, Police, University Health Board, Fire and Rescue and Third Sector Council, plus the Probation Service, Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Government - and we want YOU.

Your Opportunity

TheSprout has already collected dozens of questions for the Chief Superintendent of South Wales Police (her answers are here) and the Chair of Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (her answers are soon to be published on theSprout) and we had the amazing opportunity for young people to interview these big wigs. Thanks for everyone's great input so far!

Sam talking to belinda

TheSprout meets Belinda.

We are now inviting questions for an interview with Gareth O'Shea, Director of Operations at Natural Resources Wales on how we can make sure that "Cardiff has a clean, attractive and sustainable environment".

We want to hear about what matters to you. If you have a question that you would like Mike to answer, then please let us know. If you want to interview him, then please let us know.

The "Formal" Stuff

If you have a question that you would like Gareth to answer, please let us know by Sunday 20th September 2015.

Questions need to be submitted to whatmatters@cardiff.gov.uk, or you can leave them in the comments section below, at facebook.com/theSprout.co.uk or tweet us @FeedTheSprout.

If you would like to interview Gareth, please let theSprout know below, via Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing Sam@theSprout.co.uk or Tom@theSprout.co.uk.


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