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Xbox One

Posted by FusionzForever from Cardiff - Published on 24/05/2013 at 15:50
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Hello I am here to talk about the Xbox One.

I thought that the design looks a bit poor and I don't like it a lot. The Kinect looks like a small piece of three-inch glass with a camera in it. The only thing I like the look of is the controller.

Now let's get on to profiles and games because a lot of people think that you will not be able to download your Xbox 360 profile on the Xbox One but the situation is it's just another console and you probably will lose all you gamer score on the Xbox 360 anyway, so get over it.

Finally let's look at the games on it because people don't want to buy all their games back on the Xbox One but would they really not let you play your favourite games that just got new add-ons like Borderlands 2 or Black Ops 2?

All I'm saying is don't worry about the new Xbox, if you get one you get it, no one can tell you otherwise except for your parents if they can't afford it.

So I'm going to probably get it and that concludes my article.

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alaka hacker

Commented 26 months ago - 14th March 2014 - 09:44am

i have the xbox one its so amzimng lololoololooloool

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