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World Cup 2014: What Worked & What Is Needed For 2018

Posted by nerdgamer987 from Cardiff - Published on 15/07/2014 at 17:26
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What was the 2014 World Cup like in my opinion?

The World Cup was amazing, lots of efforts in it and the teams were challenging each other; they really changed it from the 2010 World Cup.

But in this article I will talk about what should happen in the next World Cup. All you readers want to know what will happen with the next World Cup? That’s why I’m here to write about the next generation. Nobody knows about the next World Cup in Russia 2018 but I will tell you what they need to make the World Cup better.

What was good about the 2014 World Cup?

The good thing about the World Cup was they were challenging each other that’s how it made the audience really get into it, they were showing highlights about each game, the ball was different to the South African one and much better, which is really amazing. All the teams were playing the best.

Did Germany deserve to win the 2014 World Cup?

Yes they deserved it because Mario Götze scored, which was very interesting but you may be thinking it should have been Holland; well Holland didn’t get there so that’s why Holland lost.

What was my favourite team, player, goal and why?

My favourite team was Holland because they showed talents and skills and also scored the best goals. But they really challenged other team and that's how they caught my eye. My favourite player was Robin van Persie because he was really good at shooting and also making his team focused by telling them to do this. My favourite goal was the van Persie header why because it was unbelievable, it blew my mind.

The best goalkeeper in the World Cup?

Guillermo Ochoa

What improvements does the 2018 World Cup need?

The referee needs to be strict on everyone and people should not cheat or be rough, they should be friendly because it’s just a game. Although you may be thinking 'Well what’s the point of that because you people are supporting your own country,' but that’s how it should be so players don’t say I don’t want to play with this team. Also no handballs or being unfair.

What things does the 2018 World Cup need?

They need to have a new ball, new trophy, brand new kits, new players, and new football boots.

What country should the next World Cup be in?

The next World Cup should be in Argentina rather than Russia because we all want to see what the World Cup would be like in Argentina and what the experience would be like in Argentina.

What shouldn’t we have in the 2018 World Cup?

There should be no cheating, no roughness, no injuries and teams should play fair.

Which players should not be playing in the next World Cup?

Luis Suarez because he bites people and Zlatan Ibrahimović because he is rough.

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