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Work Experience — Amazing!

Posted by ssmaden7 from Torfaen - Published on 06/11/2013 at 10:37
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

When we first got told to prepare for our work experiences in Year 10, I can say I was very, very excited and started to look for any place that had any connection to the media industry, as I want to go into journalism in the future.

After trying several newspapers and local magazines and getting rejected by them all because I was either too young to be covered by their insurance or they were just too busy to have a young person in for work experience, I was on the verge of giving up and doing a week's work at any café or shop or anything.

However, my art teacher came to my rescue! She told me to check out theSprout, an online magazine for young people, and I remember thinking ‘well this sounds interesting’. So after a few phone calls, emails and a submitted article (Books, Books…And Books!), I was all set for my work experience.

So when the week finally came, you can say that I had this mixed feeling of excitement, nervousness and dread: the dread that I was going to mess something up and they would all end up hating me (that’s how I spend my spare time, imagining the future). I was very wrong though; everyone at the office was very welcoming, open and so very cool. 

On the first day I got shown around the offices and was told more about the work that ProMo-Cymru do and the amazing projects they handle. Then I got my very own desk with an iMac sitting upon it and I was left to just explore the CLIConline website and grasp the idea of young people from all over Wales writing articles and posting them onto the site for their dedicated area, which is all connected to the CLIC network.

The next day I got the opportunity to browse through CLICplay and plan and film my own video, with help from Dayana. I did the video about MEIC – the Welsh helpline, because I thought it was unbelievable that not many people know about it, even though it is a very helpful project. Also, it was my birthday on this day and the staff gave me an awesome CLIC network hoodie and some badges and as you can imagine I was all smiley faces and very grateful!

Wednesday I learnt how to use iMovie and edited my video, then uploaded it onto CLICplay (it's at the top of this article if you'd like to watch it). Then I moved on to entering data into the computer about the somewhereto_ project, which I quite liked doing because I actually felt grown up and I was imagining I was this secret agent that was entering very important and secret data onto the computer (yes, childish I know).

On the fourth day of my work experience, for the first part of the day I got the chance to go over to the MEIC helpline offices where I helped to give feedback on their website and then I got a goody bag in return. Smiley faces again! After I went back to the main offices I got the chance to write an article for theSprout about a competition that gives people the chance to win a Skylander Giant. Then I got to browse around CLIConline again and pick some articles for CLICshot, which I had fun doing as I got to read a lot of cool articles.

And today, on my very last day of work experience (sad face), I got to sit in on a meeting about how the different projects use social media. SOCIAL MEDIA! The meeting was all about using Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and everything. Which I thought was really amazing because how many companies have a meeting just about using social media? Mind-boggling!

So in conclusion, my week at ProMo-Cymru was incredible! They gave me the opportunity to experience a wide range of things all to do with the media and they are really helpful and seem to really care. I was very lucky to have been able to complete work experience with ProMo-Cymru and I want to thank everyone on the ProMo Team for letting me complete my work experience there and being so kind and helpful! Thank you!

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Dan (Sub-Editor)

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Commented 30 months ago - 8th November 2013 - 13:22pm

It was delightful to have you. :)

And don't worry: I regularly imagine I'm a secret agent when I'm working. Or sometimes a Jedi...



Commented 30 months ago - 14th November 2013 - 16:22pm

Thanks for coming to ProMo! I am really impressed with the video. I think you did a fabulous job! Well Done!

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