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Video: Under Construction Festival 2011

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 31/08/2011 at 09:56
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Here's the video from the Under Construction Festival that was held at Maindy Stadium on August 20th 2011 that I promised in my review.

The footage was recorded and edited by myself with theSprout lending some of the equipment.

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Commented 57 months ago - 31st August 2011 - 13:38pm

Great video of what is a great annual event.

However, although I was only there for about an hour to see my mate's band (approx. 3.30-4.30pm), I was very disappointed (but mainly surprised) by the lack of turnout. Apart from the performers and staff, there were literally only about 10 people (family and friends of bands on stage) there. The two lads playing an acoustic set in the Embassy area were playing to a totally empty tent. :(

I'd say hardly anyone came in 'off the street' which suggests we need to do a lot more to promote it to young people across Cardiff. Okay, it had been raining in the morning, but it was dry when I was there (and people spend a weekend in the mud at Glasto without a second thought).

If we think about the amount of young people who knock about Smallmans / civic centre / city centre on a Saturday, I bet they'd love to hang out somewhere like the UCF one day a year. I wonder if someone could sponsor a return shuttle bus from the city centre next year? Combined with a few flyering young people encouraging them onboard it might bring some numbers in?

Just an observation during the short time I was there, and in no way a criticism of the event as it is brilliant - but there's only so much the guys at Cathays can do, they can't force people to come, so perhaps we can come up with ideas for next year?

(PS - Even if every band playing brought ten people that would be a tidy small crowd!)



Commented 57 months ago - 31st August 2011 - 23:45pm

Thank you, I appreciate the comment.

I agree with you, I was there all day and at one point there was a turn out of about 30 people, and at some point the Open Mic tent was full of people... although that may have been because it started to rain again.

I'm looking forward to next years though!

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