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Troutmark Books Shop Review

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 16/07/2011 at 16:35
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Recently while on a walk through the old arcades in the city, I was browsing through the Castle Arcade and I found an old looking book shop, now normally I tend to stick to Waterstones as I have a points card and sometimes they have good deals on, but when I saw this one I felt a pull, so I wandered and I browsed through some of the books, as per usual to me I ended up buying about 4 books that I had been looking for forever.

Whilst paying for my books I asked if the shop happened to take on other books and funnily enough they do, they deal with first editions, signed copies and since they have about 3 floors in the shop it reminded me a bit of an old TV series called Black Books, maybe you’ve heard of it but it’s obviously not even close to it.

I've found the shop deals with all sorts of books, new and old and even comics and informational like biographies and even some old books like mysteries and folk law. I made a swap with some of my vampire romance novels and was amazed to see plenty of others. They have works from Stephan King, Darren Shan, James Herbert and Anthony Horowitz plus much more, I can happily say I’m learning to adore this store.

I picked up a few of their business cards which I’m going to try and post around Cardiff a bit but here is a bit of information on the card and a link to the website so you can read up if you want. The prices are really good, though it depends on the book of course, most have stickers on the back and some don’t but that seems to be mainly for signed copies.

39-43 Castle Arcade, Cardiff.
Specialists in second-hand,b ooks, first editions, comics, annuals, magazines etc.

IMAGE: The Castle Aracde, Cardiff by tiexano

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Commented 58 months ago - 17th July 2011 - 14:56pm

I absolutely love this shop! I used to work there organizing the comic books. For those of you who collect comics this place is an absolute treasure trove of back issues (they have so many more in the store room that they simply can't fit in the store itself). It's also fantastic for role playing books, especially D&D campaign booklets and race books.

Plus... it smells of old books - can't beat that smell.



Commented 58 months ago - 18th July 2011 - 12:16pm

As much as I love the idea of a romantic little bookshop, they just can't compete with the internet. It's a shame and I feel bad, but what can you do when you're on a budget and you can make such savings? However, the comics are interesting. Might pop in to look at them!

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