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To The Inside Of My Body

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 11/04/2011 at 23:00
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I know that I fill you with sweets
Chocolates and tasty things that make you sick
All the times I drank too much
Then jumped around to hear the slosh of the drink
The times I spun around and around
And you, my feet could no longer walk straight
I know, I know sometimes you like the twist of fate
When we all fall down and I regret my mistake
But on times you wish I took better care of you
Like when you're in mourning and I push you too far
I take you swimming when my back feels like it's going to break
I get angry which makes you feel dizzy and weak
I get sad and you just want to weep
When we're ill, my bed you do seek
Yet instead I take you for a walk
When it's that time of the month I know you want to sleep all day
Curl up in a ball and hide from the world
Because you're in pain and don't want the shame
But my mind never wins
Neither do you
But one day
I'll let you be you
I'll listen to what you want
What you want to do
And maybe
Just maybe
I'll want to to.

IMAGE: poppet with a camera

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