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TheSprout Awards 2012: The Results

Posted by Sam Sprout (Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 02/04/2012 at 13:46
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Here are the results from Saturday's Sprout Awards 2012, but before we get on to them I'd like to say a quick thank you to everyone who came, who performed and who voted. TheSprout is nothing without Sprouters, so thank you all! So without further ado...

Best Sprouter

1st Stormer007

2nd Jeff the Fridge

3rd neilramsden

Best Creative Article

1st Middle Class Me - tommy b

2nd Poem: Bullying - What It Can Cause - Tansi

3rd Lost & Found - Faymondo:)

Most Involved Sprouter

1st Tansi

2nd LittleLegs

3rd hisgirl210410

Best Review

1st Skyrim - Jeff the Fridge

2nd Nintendo 3DS - MarshMallo

3rd Flick Flak: X-Men: First Class - neilramsden

Funniest Article

1st I Hate PE - minion<3

JOINT 2nd Where There Is Tea - hermholland and Addiction: My Story - emb789

3rd The Adam Diouri Podcasts - Diouri

Best Newcomer

1st hisgirl210410

2nd Jeff the Fridge

3rd PS3Girl

Video Of The Year

1st CLIC’s Crisis Revealed - Stormer007

2nd It Gets Better - AddictedToDrPepper!

3rd Two Birdies Animation - jelly

Most Useful Article

1st Granny... I’m Gay - A Boy

2nd Organising My First Gig - dirty

3rd The Amber Project: Self Harm and Depression - hisgirl210410

Lord Of The Comments

1st gadget guy

2nd curlygirl

3rd Jellytots

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Commented 50 months ago - 2nd April 2012 - 14:31pm

OMG can't believe i came 3rd for best newcomer after only 2 months, wish i could have been there though.



Commented 50 months ago - 2nd April 2012 - 15:01pm

thx umm sorry i couldnt be there um do we have award and if we have shal we get it somehwere ?



Commented 50 months ago - 2nd April 2012 - 18:03pm

Wow! Thanks for your votes everyone, means an awful lot especially for my poetry. Heard it was a great night, apologies again for not being there.



Commented 50 months ago - 3rd April 2012 - 18:26pm

Aw! It was a fantastic night, I love theSprout and all of you at theSprout. I'd not be where I am today without it! Still bemused by how I cried when winning most involved... I must thank each and every one of you who voted for me.

Also I'm very amused at the photo chosen to go with this article :P

Sprout Editor

Sprout Editor

Commented 50 months ago - 4th April 2012 - 14:43pm

You all deserve it! Yes, you can still get your awards, but you have to collect them from an editorial group meeting or another Sprout event.

The next place we'll be is at the Keith Towler Q and A here , the Info conference here or on the 12th April at 11am we need some helpers at our offices to help us create some plasticine models-

e-mail arielle@thesprout.co.uk if you're able to come to any of the above.



Commented 50 months ago - 5th April 2012 - 08:05am

Wheeeey! My photo was used! I feel loved :')

Well done to everyone. You all deserved it. I'm so proud of my two friends @Tansi and @Stormer007 ?


Commented 43 months ago - 28th October 2012 - 15:36pm

it sounds like a great night i'm gonna work hard and hopefuly win an award next year...

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