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Their Secret

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 19/03/2012 at 11:22
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No excuse to ever see her again,
Did he want an excuse to see her?
"Hell yes!" his mind shouted,
In four weeks,
He'd only seen her a couple of times,
But each time had been too brief,
And much too uncomfortable,
To satisfy the longing he had to just spend time with her,
How could they be anything else?
When he had put his foot well and truly in it,
By implementing a threat,
They had talked about everything,
Other than anything important,
And he had sat in the doctor's office,
And longed to take her in his arms,
Tell her that he didn't mean any of it,
That he never really wanted any of this,
And she treated him like the enemy,
That she clearly believed he was,
She held herself stiffly,
Well away from him,
Answered his questions with monosyllables,
Turned on him a glare so furious,
That it should have shrivelled him into a pile of ashes where he sat,
When she roared a desperate protest at the doctor's treatment,
And then she said goodbye coldly,
She even chose to walk home in the rain,
Rather than be stuck in a car with him so close by,
And she had walked away without looking back,
No excuse to ever see her again,
Hell and damnation he had the perfect excuse to see her, 
Right there in the doctor's report,
Later when they were together,
He noticed the sickness getting worse,
All he wanted was to help and hold her,
But even sick as she was she wanted no help from him,
Their secret was for no one but them,
But in only a few months,
The secret would be out.

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