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The Your Choice Award — Video Voting Is Open

Posted by CLIConline from Anglesey - Published on 08/10/2014 at 14:19
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Can you think of a person or a project that has helped support you as a young person?

Do you know a great youth worker or youth work project that has had an impact on you and people you know? 

Maybe someone who goes that extra mile to help you out, or who has made a difference in your life, and should be recognised for that. We want to hear about them in your own words.

Why? You might have heard of the Youth Work Excellence Awards: an event which celebrates the youth service and Wales' most dedicated youth workers. Well last year they introduced a new category which is decided entirely by young people: the Your Choice Award.

Your Choice Award

The idea is simple: who do you think deserves an award for their role in helping young people? Explain why in a 30 second video clip. In November we'll put all the videos up on the site and users can vote for their favourite with a simple mouse-click. The video with the most votes wins, and their nominee will be cordially invited to the grand ceremony to receive applause and a shiny trophy.

"Who can I nominate?"

You can nominate either a person or a project (such as a youth club or your local CLIC site, but not a school or college). Nominees don't need to be officially employed as youth workers: as long as it's someone who has helped support you as a young person (and someone you feel deserves an award) you can nominate them.

Can't decide whether to nominate a person or a project? Just submit two videos!

"What do I do?"

It really is as simple as it sounds: submit a video clip explaining who/what you nominate and why they deserve to win. It doesn't need to be professionally made and it doesn't need to be detailed. Remember: you only have 30 seconds.

"I'm shy! Please don't make me appear on camera!"

It's completely up to you whether the video is you talking into your webcam/phone or whether you do something else entirely (like a photo montage, a music video, etc). If you don't want to talk you can add text to the video using editing software if you know how, or you could just hold up signs (make sure they're nice and clear. Here's one idea of how you could make it).

"I need a video camera"

Your video doesn't have to be anything fancy: we encourage you to use a phone or webcam. However your local CLIC Editorial Group should have a video camera you can borrow. If you're not already a part of your local Editorial Group then leave a comment below and we can put you in touch with them (tip: click the top-right corner of any CLIC website to pull down the map of Wales and find your local site).

"30 seconds isn't very long"

We realise that. The reasons for the time limit are:

1) We want people to watch every video before voting, and realistically we don't think that will happen if everyone submits long videos

2) The point of this nomination is to be a personal testimony. Instead of listing every single great thing about your chosen person/project, focus on what are the most important things to you

"Okay, done my video. Now what?"


If you have the video on your computer: head on over to CLICplay, create an account (we recommend using the same username as on CLIConline to keep things simple) and click the 'add video' button.

If you have the video on your phone: you'll probably want to transfer it to a computer and then follow the above. If you don't have access to a computer then going somewhere with WiFi and uploading straight to YouTube is another option.

If your local editor has the video: don't worry, they'll pass it on to us.

"Anything else?"

You can submit your videos now. Closing date for entries is 30 November 2014.

Voting will open in December, when we'll put all the videos up here on CLIConline and you can vote for your favorite with a simple mouse-click.

Voting will then close in January 2015.

Just one last thing: to make sure we've received your video please drop an email to dayana@promo-cymru.org or leave a comment below (don't worry, we won't publish it) letting us know the following:

Your Name

Who/What You Nominated

How To Contact You (Email, phone, Facebook, etc)

Title Of Your Video (if you uploaded it to CLICplay)

URL Of Your Video (if it's on YouTube)

If you're confused about anything, or just have any questions, please leave a comment below and we'll get right back to you. And have fun making your movies!

IMAGE: Howard Lake

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Commented 30 months ago - 12th November 2013 - 12:32pm

How do the young people vote?

National Editor

National Editor

Commented 30 months ago - 12th November 2013 - 14:12pm

Hi drmz,

They can take a video on their phone, or contact Emma the editor of Carmarthenshire Youth and have use of a Flipcam. She is at EJones@carmarthenshire.gov uk or on 01267 224007.

They can then either email us the video or upload it to clicplay.co.uk or email dayana@promo-cymru.org for help with submitting.

We hope Dr.M'z will be nominated! :)



Commented 23 months ago - 25th June 2014 - 09:55am

hi i was just wondering if this article is for the nomination for 2014 for the event in 2015 ??

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Commented 23 months ago - 26th June 2014 - 15:26pm


Yes, this competition has now been re-opened for the 2015 Youth Work Excellence Awards.

The rules are exactly the same as last year: just submit a 30 second video!

Weeping Tudor

Weeping Tudor

Commented 21 months ago - 29th July 2014 - 14:56pm

I know who I will be nominating *winky face*

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