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The Writer's Block Club

Posted by JustNotNormal from Cardiff - Published on 24/05/2013 at 11:58
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As I am having trouble with a spot of writer's block at the moment, I thought I would share my tips in the hope that they can help you and refresh my own memory.

1. Write down every idea you have
For characters, storylines, settings, endings, specific scenes, and any other random bits and bobs. Sometimes I have ideas for random scenes that then develop into entire stories, so I keep a notebook in my schoolbag at all times to keep track of any ideas I have (it's also useful for a game of noughts and crosses when you get bored).

2. Reuse old ideas
Sometimes I read through things I wrote in primary school and think, that's actually not a bad idea! Also taking small pieces out of things you've read to help you make up your own ideas.

3. Characters
Instead of making up a whole new person, base characters on people you know (if it's not a nice character don't tell them though). RavenclawDauntlessMockingjay has featured as a character in several of my stories, but I change her appearance or a personality trait each time (I also ask her before committing identity theft).

4. Do nothing
The best ideas will come to you when you are listening to music, laying in bed, having a shower or at really inconvenient moments like when you are supposed to be doing homework.

I hope this helped! I am going on holiday next week so I will be back after then. Bye!

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