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The Sex+ Channel

Posted by zippedlips from Cardiff - Published on 09/07/2012 at 18:14
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Laci Greens runs the sex+ channel.

It's a channel that educates people about sex and related topics in a positive light. She may even surprise you with facts that even some fully-grown adults still don't know. She covers topics that come under sexuality, relationships, body image, gender, oppression and identity. She talks to you like an adult and generally doesn't have a judgemental attitude no matter how weird you might think your question is.

She's very sex positive, body positive, queer positive. She talks to you like an adult not a pupil in high school sex-ed class. The information she supplies is based on facts and studies. She respects whatever you're into (as long as it's consensual) and doesn't shame you for it. She busts many myths on sex-related topics. She is funny, caring and informative. If you want a great sex education in a shame-free environment, go check her out.

If you like her lots, I would even recommend telling your school about her work, especially since some of them have very little sex education/biased sex education/inaccurate sex education.

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