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The Replacement Child

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 28/12/2010 at 17:09
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She circles my mother like a scavenger,
Always doing anything to please her,
Anything to make her smile,
But now I know that this is all fake,
She's just like Henry-two-faces,
She's placed a gun to my chest,
And with every shot my heart gives its last thump,
I've been taking the beatings for too long,
And now my patience has long gone,
I've been battling for my mother's love,
For years,
But now just as I was going to give up,
She showed me she loved me,
When I had to go to the hospital for tests,
She was there to hold my hand,
And to guide me,
We went to the cinema as a treat,
And I felt like I no longer had to go into retreat,
I felt the old saying come back,
And fit me into place,
At my mother's side,
Like mother, like daughter,
Then the next day my heart did break,
She chose the other,
The one who's been taking my mother,
They've gone out to town and the cinema,
Probably to see a film I wasn't to see,
I feel so empty,
Like something has finally snapped, 
Inside me,
I'm not going to try and make peace,
I'm not going to play happy,
When inside I'm a screaming and ranting mess,
Screw her and her "replacement daughter",
If she prefers the liar and cheat,
Then so be it,
Because I've picked a cleaner sheet,
Now to end this poem with a turned-over leaf.

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Commented 65 months ago - 30th December 2010 - 15:17pm

Wow. This is really powerful.

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