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The Real 3D Film Of The Year

Posted by CeefaxOfLife from Cardiff - Published on 15/01/2010 at 04:42
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  • Tron Legacy

There’s only one 3D film that matters this year. And it ain’t Pocahontas sorry Avatar.

Scrap that, there’s only one film that matters this year. Not to get all Kermode on you, but 3D is pretty rubbish. If I wanted things constantly thrust in my face I’d go to [Snip! Sub-Editor].

No it’s all about the Tron Legacy in 2010. 28 years after the original film, Jeff Bridges is back once again as Kevin Flynn, but looking at the teaser trailer that did the rounds last summer at the comic conventions it seems Flynn’s a baddie this time round. How un-Dude like.

Alas according to the Disney website this may not be the case as the main narrative thrust is provided by some father-son emotional as-well-as physical adventzzzzzzzzzzz.

So like Avaturd, it’s gonna have a formulaic plot, it’s gonna have terrible dialogue, and it’s gonna be rammed down our throats but it’s freakin’ Tron! Also there won’t be any hackneyed symbolism or nauseous 'noble-savage' drivel either.

Still not sold? How about the news that Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack? Not only that, the elusive helmet donning haw-hee-haw-ers are set to appear in it, which throws up the image of them playing in a bar scene pastiche of Star Wars to me at least.

Lightcycles, Jeff Bridges, endless black and neon vistas, Daft Punk and not a ‘roided up Smurf in sight Roll on December.

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