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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Nineteen

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 07/10/2011 at 09:41
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  • Lost Child

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Eighteen

It had been several weeks since the Charmed Triplets had told Annie of the oncoming war but nothing had happened and so life continued as normal. Then one of the triplets had come to tell her that there was to be no war as they had captured the enemy.

Annie was now eight months into her pregnancy but as her pregnancies only lasted for eight months she knew it would be over soon. She had been experiencing severe pains and terrible sickness; she would get shooting pains down her spine and dizzy spells. Rob insisted that she stayed in bed resting whilst he did everything for her, but today he had to go to the caf to help his mother. While he thought she was sleeping and resting, she had actually sneaked out as she had been in bed for three weeks and she had had enough.

Annie wrapped her thick woolly shawl around her shoulders and pulled on her gloves and thick boots as it was winter. When she was ready Annie went to the side garden where she had been planting flowers; she wanted to prune them and make sure they were still growing. Annie had been outside for several hours clipping away at the weeds but then as she tried to stand, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, which then shot straight down her spine. Then she felt the burning feeling of sick travelling up her throat, followed by a nasty dizzy spell; she had to bend over the roots of the old willow tree where she violently vomited.

When all was calm again she slowly raised herself and walked back into the house; she cleaned up her face and then after quickly filling up her stomach with some fresh orange juice and some shortbread biscuits, she decided it would be good to go back to bed for some well-earned rest. But just as she was pulling her jeans off, she heard the front door close gently and knew Rob was back, so she got into bed and lay on her side. In her haste she had forgotten to take off her t-shirt and put her silk night gown on and as she reached out to get it she heard Rob come in to the bedroom; she was not well balanced, she fell out of the bed and landed with a soft thud on the floor. Immediately Rob came over and was helping her back into bed, he grabbed her silk gown for her and handed it over and she quickly shrugged into it then turned to face him and to face the music. 

“So, Annie are you going to tell me why you were not in this bed as I had left you this morning?”

“Um, I-I?”

“Exactly what I thought, you have had a walk about when I was at the caf didn’t you Annie?” He said and raised his eyebrows.

“Oh alright yes I went for a walk OK? I was fed up of sleeping and being confined to bed all week and my legs cramped so I thought I could do with some fresh air and a brief walk OK?” She asked with a heated argumentative tone.

“Well yes, but that still doesn’t explain why the flowers are pruned outside and why it looks like someone puked all over the poor willow’s roots!” He said. He had the gall to smile at her with that charming sexy smile to which she could never say no. But by now she was fuming with him so she flung back the bed sheet, whipped her legs round and out of the bed, planted her feet firmly on the ground and stormed out of the room, only to come to a halt in the living room. Annie tried to grab hold of the door frame but fell down as a wave of dizziness swept over her. She felt the stabbing pain of a headache begin.

Then she worked her way over to the big bay window seat and sat herself down to try and stop the pain.

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IMAGE: Lory and her friends by Wasfi Akab

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