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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Fourteen

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 25/07/2011 at 11:06
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  • The Pain Of A Lost Child

The Pain of a Lost Child: Chapter Thirteen

“Oh dear child please do not cry, in your condition it is not good for you! Why do you cry so much?” 

“Oh God, I told Rob to forget me. And knowing him he will! What do you mean by 'my condition'?”

“Why child don’t say you don’t know? You are pregnant again Annie and this time we bless you, the child and the father now. Oh and Annie he loves you just look deep within your heart and you shall see him as he is right at this minute and you shall feel what he does!”

“But he,” she closed her eyes and concentrated on her love for Rob and then she saw him “Oh God he’s so sad, I feel all his pain.”

“Where is he Annie?”

“He’s at Niko’s grave, he’s speaking but he-he’s crying, God he never cries.”

“Well I think you should go to him! Go now Annie and we shall see you for the birth of this dear child.”

“T-thank you f-for everything.”

“That’s OK Annie now just go and be careful, there’s lightning out there.”

“O-OK I will, well see you soon,” and with a last look back she got into her car and drove off following her heart and where it took her to Rob.

She was just turning into the village when she felt sharp stabbing pains in her abdomen and she received a bolt of lightning to her shoulder as she stepped out of the car, the electricity flowed through her body shocking her so much that her heart began to skip beats. When the shocks stopped she slid to the floor and into unconsciousness.

Rob was heading back home when he noticed Annie’s car was parked by the house. As he got closer he noticed a lot of electricity surrounding it. He carefully walked around the car until his eyes fell onto someone who looked unconscious and slumped against the car door. He realised with a jolt that it was Annie. He rushed around to her and crouched down but as the tips of his fingers lightly touched her skin he got shocked and her body shook, pulsating with the electricity. 

Rob concentrated on her and he felt that she was only in a deep sleep. Then he felt something else, the tiny growth of life inside her. He knew that she was pregnant with their child again. Pain and joy rushed through his body and then he felt Annie’s heart start to give in to all the power rushing through her veins, every two minutes her heart would miss a beat. It was tearing him up just to think that they had come so far to lose everything now, 'No! Damn it Annie, I will not lose you now! After all we’ve been through you have to fight, for me, for our unborn baby growing inside you, and if not for us then do it for Niko!'

“Annie fight, fight for me! I can’t lose you, you are my heart Annie, if you die I will cease to exist, my only true pleasure in life is loving you, caring for you and brining joy to you. So please my love fight!”

All of a sudden he felt her heartbeat faster than ever before but then another bolt of lightning clashed down to Annie and hit her straight in the heart. Rob stared in horror as her body rose and then suddenly her eyes snapped open but Rob realised that this was not his Annie; the eyes were blank, cold with the metallic tinge that glinted with the electric current running through her body. Rob was stunned as he did not know what to do, he knew that she was alive because he could feel the beat of her heart but he also knew that this Annie was different. He recognised her as he had recognised death when it was staring him in the face all those years ago. But suddenly he heard a soft and quiet voice calling to him in his mind, he did not know who was calling him but he listened all the same. 

“Robert Nicos! Robbie it’s OK, don’t be scared I know you. I am one of the Charmed Triplets. I know Annie very well. Now don’t try to touch her, we know what’s going on more than you Robbie. We will send someone to you now and although it may seem strange what the Charmed one will do, you must let her do her job OK? Because otherwise this could be fatal to Annie and the baby.”

“Right OK, well hurry because she is sitting up, and she’s looking at me. She’s not doing anything though.” he thought back.

Slowly the voice in his head went and when he looked up he noticed Annie’s eyes had gone back to their normal chocolate brown colour and he noticed that tears were trickling down her cheeks.

“Rob! Robbie w-what’s happening to me?” she sobbed.

“It’s OK Annie I’m here; the Charmed ones are going to help!”

“Rob...” she never got to say anything else because she slid to the floor and landed in a heap again.

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Fifteen

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