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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Eighteen

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 24/09/2011 at 13:39
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  • Lost Child

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Seventeen

“Annie?” Rob whispered to her.

Her eyes immediately snapped open and she looked straight into his eyes. 

“Annie my love come here,” he said firmly and pulled her into his warm embrace.

He took her back into the bedroom grabbing a cloth to clean her wounded foot as he did. He sat down in the big bay window, pulled her onto his lap and cleaned her foot.

“I’m sorry for waking you Rob.” Annie sobbed tears silently dripping from her eyes. 

“No Annie, it’s OK you're ill and you can’t help it!” he said firmly.

“But,” she sighed and looked up at him “I have to go Rob... the Charmed Triplets are calling for me yet again.”

“No Annie you need to rest cos you can’t drive in this state, if you were sick whilst trying to drive heaven knows what could happen to you, but if you really must go then we shall have to clean you up,” he smiled at her. “And then I’ll drive you to them OK? Because I’m sure they won’t mind OK?” he asked and gently rubbed her back as he pulled her close to him. She placed her hands on his chest and barely whispered her agreement.

Annie and Rob arrived at the Charmed Triplets' office; it was really quiet, so quiet that it confused Annie. Rob asked if she was sure that here is where the cadet had said they were to meet. She just nodded saying that this was the place, so they walked into the front hall and they were greeted by Katayer.

“Hey Annie I’m glad you came, oh Rob what are you doing here?” he asked glancing at Annie and then back to Rob.

“I’m here because Annie isn’t well and so I wouldn’t let her drive for her own safety, is that going to be a problem?” he asked Katayer.

“No, no of course not but you shall have to wait outside when Annie takes audience with the cadets!”

“That’s fine Katayer,” he said and then looking at Annie’s pale face said more firmly than was meant “But if she is sick again then I will be taking her straight home where she can rest!”

“Fine, well Annie would you mind following me please?”

Annie looked at Katayer and then quickly whispered “I’ll be back soon Rob OK?” before leaving with Katayer.

“Ah thank you Katayer, for getting Annie. And Annie we’re sorry for having to get you down here at such a terrible time but we needed to tell you the news both good and bad,” then the Charmed Triplets smiled sadly before continuing, “You see Annie we made a hideous discovery last week, after you were struck by that bolt of lightning. We found out that the same people that killed your family are also now coming for you Annie and they will stop at nothing until they know that the entire Sinclair family are dead. We do not know why. But the good news is that you are the only known Charmed one who can use their bolts of lightning to your advantage, you see you can become the lightning and manipulate it anyway you wish and can kill someone in one single blow, but...” the triplets looked grimly at her

“But what?” she said now very anxious to know what they did,

“As we said you are the only one who is capable of doing that and it has never once been possible before and so there are consequences, which are that if the electric current flows through you for too long then it will burn you from the inside out, like a flame does to paper. So far the only thing we know that can stop that is either a kiss from your one true love or someone who is stronger than you and must take the electric current from your body exactly like Katayer did that one time.”

“So what you’re saying is that these people are coming to kill me for reasons unknown and the only way I can protect myself from their attacks is by using the lightning against them, but if I keep it inside me for too long then it could kill me?” Annie said looking up grimly to the ceiling.

“Yes Annie and the only way... ” Annie heard no more as she could feel the warm liquid traveling up her throat and so she ran as fast as she could out of the room, she sprinted down the hall to the toilets where she just managed to reach the sink before the burning sick was pushed up and out of her, flooding the sink. She was there for ages spewing in the sink until she heard the faint knocking on the door and then Rob’s voice.

“Annie? Annie are you OK?” he asked cautiously but she was unable to answer as another bout of sickness flew over her. She felt as if she had no strength and as she slipped in to unconsciousness she was able to call out to him “Rob,” it was a small whisper but he heard her.

“It’s OK Annie,” he told her even though he knew she was already asleep, “I’ve got you so rest and I’ll take you home.”

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