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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Twenty-Six

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 06/07/2012 at 15:05
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Afterwards they lay in bed holding each other and dozing; Annie was lying on her side her head pressed over Rob's heart.

“Annie I just want to say-”

“It’s OK Rob, you don’t need to say anything,” she said tracing his lips with her fingertip, when they heard the faint call of their children. Annie moved away and quickly pulled on her nightie that did nothing to hide her voluptuous body.

“This sucks,” he growled and turned to his side punching the pillow in frustration. Annie smiled at him. He threw her pillow at her in a playful manner, which made her laugh as she left the room to see to the children.

“Hey there little ones! What’s wrong honey?” she asked picking up Becca who was crying. She picked up Niko too who was quite happily gurgling to himself. She sat in the nearest chair, lied back and held her children close, cooing to them. Becca started to tug at her shirt while Niko obviously wanted down as he was now nearly off her lap; she quickly plonked him back into the crib and pulled Becca up closer to her breasts where she eagerly started to pull at Annie’s strap.

“Rob, Robbie,” Annie gently called to get him up. He came into the room just as Becca managed to pull the strap of her nightie down.

“That is so not helping me at the moment Ann,” he said.

“Sorry love but can you help me out here, I gotta feed Becca so can you keep Niko’s attention a min here please?” she said giving him the puppy dog eyes that were too cute to say no to.

“Fine but once these two little rascals are asleep you owe me,” he said with a glint in his eye that told her she was going to enjoy the pay back he had in mind and was going to be thoroughly loved tonight for her trouble. Her attention was taken back to Becca who instead of suckling was now nipping at her with her gums so she had to move her so she could suckle easier. Once Becca was done she went limp in Annie’s arms telling her she was ready for sleep. She put her to bed joining Niko. Before she had time to move so much as an inch, Rob scooped her up into his arms and warned her that he was not going to let her sleep that night. She couldn’t wait.

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