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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Fifteen

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 08/08/2011 at 11:59
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  • Lost Child

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Fourteen

Robbie moved closer trying to comfort her. But the closer he got the more shocks her body received, so he moved away. Yet when he heard her whimper from the pain and sob his name he couldn’t bare it any more and leant forward to pick her up. He was stopped by a tall man with long fiery red hair and golden eyes that seemed to blaze in the light.

“No! Don’t touch her Robert Nicos, you might kill her! Before you ask I am one of the time cadets. My name is Katayer Yowel and I am here to help Annie. She is a close friend and family of mine and I shall not let her die.”

'Wow is this right? I mean the cadets said they were sending a woman, so why this guy and why Annie’s “close friend” what does he have to do?' Robbie thought.

“Robbie it’s OK, Katayer knows what to do and yes he is with us. Annie will explain all to you when she is well again.”

“Oh yeah, fine as long as I get Annie back.”

“You will Robbie, as promised, you will.”

Robbie watched as Katayer walked up to Annie and picked her up in his arms. He placed a hand over her heart and whispered some strange words which Rob guessed must have been in his language. Katayer closed his eyes and placed his mouth over Annie’s, he kissed her once and then Annie’s mouth opened in an automatic response and just when Rob was going to lunge forward to hit him he noticed a blue, white, silver spark come from Annie and flow into Katayer, it flowed right through him to the ground and died away. When all was done Katayer placed Annie in Rob’s arms and sat on the floor leaning against a tree trunk opposite him with his gaze on Annie, and Annie alone. All of a sudden Annie stirred and so he set her down to stand in front of him.

Her eyes snapped open, “Rob,” she shouted and flung her arms around his waist hugging him close and then kissed him long and lovingly on the lips “I thought I was going to die Rob and never see you again!”

“Well you're OK now Annie,” Rob said to her, holding her close, then looked at Katayer, “if it was not for Katayer over there you may have died!”

Annie turned in his arms to see Katayer looking at her and smiling at her, “Oh my god Katayer? Katayer Yowel is that you?”

“Yes my dear Annie tis me!” Katayer said, his smile growing bigger. As he stood, Annie rushed over to him and threw her arms around him pulling him close to her, “My, my you have grown my friend, I bet all the women around here are after you! Or has one already snagged you?” she asked laughing.

“No, no one Annie you know there was only room for one woman in my heart!” he said to her and placed a soft kiss upon her cheek and then they looked at each other sadly. Annie snuggled into his embrace and then pulled away and walked back to Rob and tugged him over to Katayer.

“Rob this is my close friend Katayer, who has known me all my life, I class him as my family. Katayer this is my husband Robert or as most people know him Rob who I love very much and of course is the father of my child growing inside me now.” she said smiling at them both and they shook hands briefly before Katayer turned to Annie and said “Well my dear girl would you walk with me to my car a minute? If it‘s OK with your husband of course?” he said looking at Rob.

“Yeah that’s fine, just don’t be out too long Annie cos it’s getting late.”

Annie looked at Rob and smiled then asked him to go and see his mother and reassure her that everything was OK while she saw Kat off. She quickly kissed his forehead and then he walked off looking quite sad. 

“Come then Kat let’s get going!” Annie said and tugged on his arm.

She and Katayer talked for hours when they reached his car and where they said a sorry farewell.

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Sixteen

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IMAGE: Momentary loss of balance by Lars Plougmann

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