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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Epilogue

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 08/08/2012 at 11:15
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It was a few months later when she was not that surprised to find out that she was pregnant again.

At first she was a bit scared to tell Rob but once she did she was much happier as she could now express her worries freely with him. When she reached the 24 weeks mark she was a little worried because she had been getting a lot of pain that was most unusual for any pregnant woman at her stage. But finally the day came and at two o’clock in the morning she gave birth to two completely healthy and adorable little baby twins. A girl and a boy, they named them Zeek and Emily.

To Annie’s pleasure they got on fine with Niko and Becca but to Rob they were two more monsters as they always seemed to know the exact moment he and Annie were about to make love for they would cry and so Annie would move away to go and see to them. Finally one night, when he was holding her close after a long night of loving, Rob was kissing her awake to indulge in the pleasure again when both Becca and Emily started crying, which then set off Niko and Zeek. Annie went to sort out the girls and told Rob to see to the boys. When they were finally asleep again Annie was way too tired to do anything else.

'Why did we have to have so many kids?' Rob asked himself that night feeling fully aroused and knowing he could do nothing about it until possibly the morning. But God do I love her and the kids, without Annie I don’t know what I’d do.

A few months down the line the children had calmed down and wouldn’t cry so much; Niko and Becca could care for themselves and would help out Annie and Rob as much as they could.

Niko was 17-years-old and Becca was 14 when yet again Annie found herself pregnant but this time is was worse than ever as she had triplets. This time there were no problems and lucky for them when Rob and her were lost in moments of passion the new babies stayed asleep. It was not long before Niko had found himself a girlfriend and they found most of the time he was over her house. With the three new babies it made Rob really think about how his life could have been if he and Annie had never met.

Rob knew that he must be the happiest man alive and knew that no matter what he’d always love Annie and if she wanted more children he’d happily help her. A few more years went by and they saw Katayer got married, Niko finally had his own children with his now wife and even little Becca was starting to fall in love.

'How mad are we?' Rob thought to himself one night.

Author's Note: There is a sequel to this story coming soon, all about Annie and Katayer.

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