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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Nine

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 03/05/2011 at 19:46
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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Eight

Sub-Ed Note: Some of the topics and language in this chapter may not be suitable for all readers. 

Rob just watched in awe as his son took what he wanted from Annie’s body. Then when the child pushed away from her Annie dried away the last little drops of her milk from her breasts and Rob helped her pull up her strap on to her shoulder. Then he took their son into his arms keeping him occupied while waiting for Annie to get ready. He didn’t hear Annie come into the room but he knew she was there when she wrapped her arm around his waist and leaned into his side looking at their son.

“You’d never know how much of a little screamer he could be in the morning. He’s already got a hot temper!” Annie said smiling.

“Yeah and he gets it from you Annie,” Rob said jokingly and then he brushed a stray lock of hair from her face before kissing her lovingly.

“Mmm, I wish we didn’t have to go,” she whispered.

“Well we better or my mother will kill me for keeping this news from her a minute longer, so come on Annie.”

“OK Rob,” she said and then kissed him long, slow and lovingly.

When she pulled away Rob had to stifle a moan from deep within as it had been two weeks since he had last felt her inner body clenching around him and the strain was now beginning to show.

“God woman you drive me mad sometimes you know with your teasing!” he growled at her before he could stop himself.

She looked at him from the corner of her eye, smiled a sly smile and then replied in a purr like tone, “Aye but that makes the pleasure of our loving much more doesn’t it, love?”

Rob had to clamp his mouth and clench his eyes closed taking a deep breath to stop himself from taking her in his arms and ravaging her against the wall that very second to prove her point. But they were supposed to be going to see his mother and Annie still needed time to recuperate. The doctor had told him that he should give her at the very least three weeks before having sex as her body needed time to mend from the birth.

'Just one more week of this Rob and then she’ll see what it’s like to be teased like this!' He kept telling himself.

“Rob? Are you OK?”

He heard Annie’s voice and then looked straight at her, “Yes I’m fine just taking control of my body again, so please stop teasing me Annie because it’s very hard... and I’m sure you don‘t want another crying baby right at the moment.”

“Oh-oh I’m sorry Rob I never thought and you're right I have enough trouble with Niko to be thinking of having another right now.”

“Don’t worry Annie it’s all under control,” he looked down at her, “For now at least. So come on let's go and see my mother OK?” then he walked with her over to the cafe, Niko snuggled up against her chest wrapped in blankets and his own thick baby jacket that covered him from head to toe.

It was round seven o’clock that night when Annie and Rob put Niko to bed and then climbed into bed themselves, Annie laying on her side so Rob was able to hold her tight all night. Well most of the night anyway as she had to get up several times to feed and cradle a very loud baby and then at one o’clock in the morning to soothe him back to sleep.

But it was strange for Rob to wake up at six o’clock with tears in his eyes to find the bed empty next to him, 'Where is she? Oh God no please! Hang on Annie’s probably just seeing to Niko again,' he thought to himself but then he would have been able to hear him wouldn’t he? But all he could hear was the beat of his racing heart, 'Where was Annie?' Was it his worst nightmare come true? But then he was awoken by Annie’s sweet loving voice calling to him and her body placed right on top of his.

“Rob, Robbie honey wake up you're having a nightmare,” he slowly woke up and looked straight into Annie’s concerning eyes.

“I’m OK now Annie, uh thanks for waking me.”

“It’s OK Rob, would you like to talk about it? Or we could get it off your mind another way?” Annie said stroking his face gently with a cheeky grin.

“No Annie, I don’t wish to talk about it, still don’t quite understand it myself and I can’t make love to you in that way, it would not feel right to me.”

“OK then Rob, let’s just try and get back to sleep OK? I’ll still hold you through the night though OK?”

“OK love,” he said and brushed his lips across her forehead as she lay over the top of him, holding him tightly to her.

'God what does that dream mean? Am I gonna lose her? No I won’t, I won’t let it no matter what, she is my wife, the mother of my child and she is the only one I could ever love and I won’t let anything or anyone take her from me,' Rob thought to himself as Annie drifted off to sleep.

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Ten

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Sprout Editor

Sprout Editor

Commented 61 months ago - 5th May 2011 - 09:45am

Chapter 9, this is now one of the longest serials ever on theSprout. Nice work DeadAngelLover22! How many chapters are there? How do you plan to write something like this? Does it just come to you, or is it all planned and you know exactly what's going to happen in each chapter? Just curious :)



Commented 61 months ago - 11th May 2011 - 15:25pm

Thanx Editor, i believe there are 21 chapters in all :s and to be honest i'd have no idea, it's easy to type this up and turn it into chapters but from there i dont know what to do. This was a creation that came to me when playing a game with a close friend. . .it was a storyline that progressed with the game if that makes sence. I don't always know whats going to happen next in a chapter or even in the full story sometimes the idea just comes to me and i write intill i can't write anymore. . .other times i'll make a chapter and then won't come back to it for months on end. Hope that helps answer your questions :)

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