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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Five

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 04/03/2011 at 14:33
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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Four

“Hiya Rob,” she said and leaned back into him.

“Hi,” he said and then nuzzled her neck and then he started to softly kiss it.


“So? You really gotta go Annie?”

“Yes... sorry Rob but it’s... vital!”

“OK,” he said and then started to tug on her ear with his teeth softly.

“Mmm Rob... Please stop that otherwise I won’t be going and I have to.” Annie said trying to suppress a moan.

“Oh uh sorry.” Rob said, he then gently kissed her and worked his way back to the coffee shop saying goodbye as he went.

'God how will I ever be able to say no to him? God what if I can’t?'

'What is up? Where is she going and why?' Those were the only thoughts Rob kept getting as he watched Annie drive out of the village.

“God you got it bad Rob,” said Robbie’s sister

“Yeah well I think she’s the one!”

“Huh well I guess that explains why she’s left then.”

“Oh shut up will you!”

“Why... oh hey you gave her a bun in the oven didn’t you bro?”

“No! She hasn't got 'a bun in the oven' as you put it, she’s pregnant with my baby and I won’t stand for you putting it any other way!”

“Wow Rob chill will you, you know I don’t mean no harm!”

“Yeah well. Look is mum about at all?”

“Yeah she’s in the back, I gotta go see my daughter OK, see ya later.”

“Welcome to the Charmed Triplets Annie, you can now start to learn to control your powers. It will be difficult at first and put your mind and body under a lot of control but by the end you will be able to use your powers to the full extent. Like Alice here who can control other’s powers and use them as her own or like Billy who can actually sense when someone is about to use their powers.”

“Thank you so much Miss Hallowett, you will of course keep me and Disco informed won’t you?”

“Yes of course Annie, now I think you should practice your mind powers in the Stone room where you can try to lift books and then move on to pebbles OK?”

Annie was able to move the pebbles but when it came to the books she ended up smashing a pile of them against the bookshelf and getting tripped up by one of them. She was taken to the healers ward as she had a gash on her forehead but when she was checked over they found some blood on her jeans so they took a look at her and found out about the baby. They took a look at it only to find that its heart rate was slower but when they healed up the bleeding all was fine. They let her go and she was told to go home and rest and that the Triplets would call her through Disco’s communicator or her mind when they needed her next. She had become much bigger by then and was now experiencing trouble keeping her balance.

“Hey Robbie stop moping around the place will you kiddo?” Rob's mum said to him one day. It had been six days since he had seen Annie and he was getting desperate, he tried calling her but her mobile seemed either broken or just plain unanswered. Maybe the thought of becoming a mother was too much for her.

“Sorry mum,” Rob said.

His mother smiled up at him and then as she glanced out of the window she said, “Hey isn’t that your girl now Rob? Hey she looks... big!”

But before she could ask, Rob was already out of the shop and by Annie’s side, 'God she is big, she must have put on more weight over the last few days'.

“Hey Annie,” he said and gently held her when she started to sway slightly.

“Hi Rob, sorry I had to leave when I did,” she sighed and snuggled into his embrace.

 “Hey it’s OK Annie,” he said as he pushed her head up so he could look at her properly, but when he saw a small scar on her forehead his concern must have shown for she answered him, “I had a slight fall but I was taken great care of, so don’t worry, both me and our babe are fine, OK Rob?” then she gently kissed him.

“Okay,” he said, “now let’s get you inside cos it’s gonna rain soon."

As Rob walked Annie into her house he just noticed his mum wipe a tear from her eye from the happiness that threatened to engulf her. 'Well mum looks like she will be needing someone to talk to, well done Rob! Let's just get Annie inside to bed and then talk to mum in the morning.'

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Six

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IMAGE: Little Girl Lost by Andy Wilkes

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