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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Twenty Four

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 25/04/2012 at 12:56
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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Twenty-Three

'God it’s late, it’s so dark. I hope Annie is sleeping peacefully now,' Rob thought. He had just arrived at the house when he noticed there were two cars parked outside, one he recognised as Katayer’s but he did not recognise the other.

When he got in the house he saw Annie sat near the fireplace with Katayer crouched in front of her holding her hand and stroking it with his thumb. Annie had a slight smile on her face and traces of dried tears on her cheek. She was holding a small baby in her arms. When she looked up and saw Rob she jumped up from her seat, passing the child to Katayer and ran to him looping her arms around his neck, kissing him quickly.

“It’s a miracle Rob it is! Oh and where were you? Where’s Becca? She needs to meet her uncle Kat and whom she’ll be sharing her cot with. So where is she?”

Rob just stared at her for a minute or two and then looking totally confused said “I took Becca to Kay’s so we could sort this out... what do you mean sharing her cot?”

Tears of happiness brimmed her eyes again and then she quickly dashed back over to Katayer and picked up the child. The squirming baby looked remarkably like their son Niko and even sounded like him, it even tugged at Annie’s shirt like he had done that one morning waiting for his morning feed.

“Annie is that... that’s Niko? It can’t be... I mean he died?”

When he looked into Annie’s deep gaze he knew it was true, there had been a miracle and their son Niko was alive and back where he belonged, in the arms of his love-filled mother.

“Hang on I’ll go get Becca!” Rob said and rushed out of the house and back to Kay’s just saying that he’d explain all later.

When he came back Katayer had gone. Annie was just pulling the strap of her top back onto her shoulder and holding a now sound asleep Niko to her chest when she saw him with Becca in his arms. She smiled and said “has she been fed from a bottle yet?” with worry in her voice that she could not hide from Rob.

“No she hasn’t-” he was cut off then by a loud screech from Becca as she was impatient and hungry. The loud noise woke Niko who now also began to screech. 

“Here I can take Niko and you feed Becca then when they're both asleep I think my love we need a good long talk.” he said before leaving the room to calm Niko down while Annie fed Becca.

When all was quiet they lay on the living room floor on the woolly rug with plenty of pillows under them. Annie was wearing her pjs and had her head on Rob’s chest. Rob just had a pair of draw string bottoms on and was laying flat out on his back in front of the big fire place soaking up the heat as Annie explained everything to Rob.

“See, so actually Niko didn’t die at all Rob, and it was only when they heard that we had had a little girl that the Charmed Triplets had found out the truth and found him at the hospital for us and so Katayer and Susanna brought him back to us.”

“Right so let me get this straight... the baby that died in your arms that we believed to be Niko was actually the son of a king who had twins. They knew Niko wasn’t their child, as he should have been a she as the scan had told them a few months before. Some tests were done and they found out that that baby was not theirs and their baby must have been swapped accidentally with our son. Then one of the Charmed Triplets Cami who works at the care unit, read through the notes and when she saw the blood test results from the baby, she knew it was your baby as she had done tests from your blood once and so informed Susanna and here we are now right?”

Annie smiled at him and nudged his shoulder. Then she placed a hand softly on his cheek and kissed him long and lovingly, slightly nibbling on his lip before pulling away and smirking at him.

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