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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Two

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 14/01/2011 at 11:21
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  • Lost Child

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter One

After ten minutes like she predicted she heard a light tapping on her front door and knew it was Rob. She opened the door and smiled, he had brought her a bunch of lilies.

“Oh Rob how’d you know these are my favourite flowers?”

“I’m sorry to say I just took a guess plus they are my faves too.” Then he took her arm and led her to the caf.

After some fries and two chocolate shakes Annie called it a night and so Rob walked her home, when they got to her door she invited him in for a coffee.

After the warmth of the drinks had faded Rob couldn’t stop himself, he cupped her cheek in his hand and rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip. Then Annie moved closer to him so she was so close their lips could almost touch. Rob gently took her lips with his own and her hands slipped around his neck pulling him closer.

The next thing Annie knew she was being carried to her bed, Rob placed her down gently and smiled “There we go hun.”

“Will you join me?”

“What, you want me to hold you while you sleep?” he asked while taking off his shirt and she laughed gently.

“Hmm well I don’t think I will be sleeping for a while at least!”

“Well if you are sure that’s what you want, I won’t argue.”

“I’m sure that’s what I want, so come in here and get me.” She said giggling as he got closer.

“Right you asked for it” he said and slipped into the bed next to her and started the most titillating kisses she’d ever had.

Annie woke up the next morning to find a steaming cup of coffee on her bedside table and a note on her pillow saying,

Dear Annie, 

Sorry I had to leave you but I had to go to work, meet me at the caf where we can talk more. I really enjoyed last night and I’m sorry you couldn’t wake beside me. Love Rob xx

Hmm she thought talk indeed.

She finished her coffee quickly got dressed and was about to leave when she suddenly got hit by a wave of dizziness and had to dash to the bathroom where she was violently sick.

After she cleaned herself up she cheeked her appearance in the mirror and noticed a slight bump to her stomach, "God please don’t be what I think you" she thought to herself, "please don’t say I’m pregnant after one night! I mean how can I explain that to Rob? Oh hi Rob, sorry I’m late I was just a bit sick because you got me pregnant! I know how weird huh after just one night.” But then she felt a slight movement inside her and she knew it was true once again her new powers had got her in trouble, what would Rob think of her? God what would he do? Would he want her to get rid of the child? More to the point what would she do if he wanted her to keep it? Oh God now everyone is going to know just what she is.

It was well after three when Rob finally saw Annie. She looked terribly pale and looked as if she could be sick at any time. "God please don’t say it was because of me, the thought of them sleeping together made her sick? No she enjoyed herself so much, maybe it was just something she ate?" His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his sister. 

“Bro, can you do me a big favour and look after Steph for me? It’ll only be for a few hours k?”

“Sure thing sis, it’s not like I got anything better to do is it?”

“Yeah but your girlfriend looks as though she may need some attention!”

Rob quickly turned round to see Annie laying down and leaning her back against a tree while closing her eyes, she was pale white again and looked as if she was about to hurl, he turned back to his sister but she had already gone through to the back to talk to their mother.

“Hey Annie are you OK?” Rob asked with a concerning voice.

“Um yeah I’m fine” Annie said from behind closed eyes, she had to keep them closed because she was concentrating on trying not to be sick.

“You sure cause you look kinda... Well peaky.”

“No I’m fine... I just needed some air.” She quickly got up but when she tried to run off Rob snagged her arm and pulled her back but she was still able to swing around placing her palm against a tree trunk clutching it as she bent and threw up violently against the roots.

Rob was shocked and when she finished he gathered her into his arms holding her tightly to his chest. 

“Hey Annie come here, come on I’ll take you back to your house. You look terrible and should probably get some rest, I’ll call Doctor Owens and take care of ya until she can get to you OK?”

“Yeah... thanks... um you’ll need to know something.”

“Shhh look let’s get you home first OK? I‘ll carry you cos you look like you could faint.”

“No I need to tell you..." but her head flopped as she slipped into unconsciousness. Rob took her back to her cottage. Hecarefully placed her on her bed, placing her hand on her belly. His hand brushed over her stomach and he felt a small and sudden movement. At first he was shocked but then he wondered "What the hell? Is she pregnant? Why didn’t she tell me? Would I have hurt it the other night? Too many questions!".

He sat down on the couch and started reading a book that seemed to be Annie’s lyrics to her new songs.

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Three

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Commented 64 months ago - 14th January 2011 - 12:02pm

I appreciate that this a piece creative writing, but if she was concerned about pregnancy, why didn't she use contraception?



Commented 64 months ago - 14th January 2011 - 12:26pm

Very good question, tbh i dont have the answer for that one

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