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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Six

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 09/03/2011 at 10:30
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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Five

It was almost midday by the time Annie woke up to the smells of freshly brewed coffee and hot chocolate muffins coming from the kitchen. She quickly rose and then wished she hadn’t as a bought of sickness overpowered her so she had to lay back down. When the sickness was over she walked into the bathroom and had a shower, taking her time as she did not want to get sick again. Then she quietly dressed but when she was going to go into the kitchen Rob came into her room with a cup of herbal tea for her and smiling so sweetly it made her heart race.

“Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” he asked.

“Uh fine Rob, I slept peacefully, and uh what are you doing up so early if I may ask?”

“Well I slept fine in the spare room and I’m up because I heard you moan this morning and after seeing that it was just the movement of our child that had annoyed you I just couldn’t sleep so I made breakfast instead.”

“Right OK,” she said and then winced as pain shot down her spine to her lower back and then back up to her thigh. It was so painful she had to grip onto the bed post to steady herself. Rob picked her up and placed her back on the bed, a look of concern on his soft features which made her heart turn upside down with love.

He sat down in front of her and took her hand “Hey are you OK Annie?” he asked.

“Yeah I am now I just felt a pain that’s all.”

“Was it bad? Could it be the baby? Is anything wrong?” he asked quickly looking worried for her and for their unborn child.

“It’s fine now Rob, it’s stopped.”

“But still... ”

“Look I’m fine OK!” she said firmly “The baby’s not due for at least another week OK?”

“OK... just take it easy OK Annie?”

“Fine just please tell me where those muffins are cos I’m staved!”

“Hmm still little miss bossy then?”

Smiling she said, “Hey don’t come between me and my food or you’ll be sorry and I ain't that small no more,” then she laughed.

With a wide grin Rob turned to her with a muffin on a plate for he knew she’d like to have one since they were chocolate, “Oh and how will you make me sorry hmm?”

“Well I could turn our baby against you when she or he becomes a teen, you know what they're like!” then she smiled at him her eyes twinkling with mischief.

He looked slightly shocked, “You wouldn’t!”

“No I wouldn’t and you know it, now can I please have that muffin?”

He passed her the muffin and while she ate her breakfast he watched her and then ever so slowly placed his hand over her swollen stomach and felt a small movement under his hand and recognized it as their baby’s heel. He glanced up and saw Annie looking lovingly at him.

“Does it hurt Annie?”

“No I’ve grown used to the movements.”

“How can you sleep through it though?”

“Well like I said after so long I just became used to it, I hardly notice it that much now,” she smiled and placed her hand on his.

Rob turned his body round so that he was facing Annie and then gently kissed her. She responded slowly but he could sense all her love flowing from her heart, 'Wow she loves me! Yes now dare I ask her? No not yet leave it for a couple of days. Oh what the heck I got the ring in my pocket!'

Rob slowly pulled away and looked deeply at Annie, she opened her eyes and he saw the deepness of her feelings for him.

“Annie I um wanted to ask you something.”

“OK Rob,” she said with a quizzing look and taking another bite out of the muffin. 

“Uh well I was um wondering if you, if you would want to marry me?”

She looked shocked for a few seconds but then the shock turned to love and adoration, “Of course I would Rob, I’d love to and I will!”

“Good,” he smiled, gave her a long slow passionate kiss and then slipped a small diamond ring onto her finger.

“Oh Rob,” she said looking at the ring “How long?”

“I’ve been thinking of asking you ever since just before you left, I was going to try to keep you here with me by proposing to you but... ”

His words were cut off as Annie kissed him lovingly and moved against him slowly; when she stood he knew where they were going.

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Seven

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