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The Fridge's DC Top Five: September 2011

Posted by Jeff the Fridge from Cardiff - Published on 05/10/2011 at 13:56
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  • Jonah Hex
  • New Guardians
  • Justice League
  • Aquaman
  • Batwing

Well, what a month it’s been. After the events of Flashpoint, the entire DC range has been renumbered back to number one to have a fresh start. This kicked off on August 31st when Justice League #1 was released to the masses.

Over the following weeks each and every DC character was included in the chosen 52, making a first start as with Mister Terrific or Red Lanterns, or covering four different comics to himself, in the case of Batman with Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight and Detective Comics. The fact that DC can renumber everything in their range is a testimony to their greatness and Marvel and Image are left wondering what to do next. Here is what I think were the best comics released during September and why. If you don’t agree, feel free to comment below.

5: All-Star Western #1

“His name is Jonah Hex and he’s a bounty hunter. Quite a famous one at that”- Amadeus Arkham

I’d never read any Jonah Hex before All-Star Western and now he’s one of my favourites. I was first dragged into ASW by the fact that it’s set in Gotham City during the 1880s, so I thought it would be a western-style Batman like Marvel's Noir Series. How wrong I was. This is not necessarily a bad thing because as you can see it made it into my top five. ASW is great for any comic fan, new or old because of Jonah’s great character. For a lot of people this will be their first Hex outing, so I would advise getting Jonah Hex: Origins from your local library or book store to get the lowdown on every comic fans favourite gunslinger, save those that played Red Dead Redemption or watched Cowboys and Aliens who may have a convincing argument otherwise.

4: Green Lantern; New Guardians #1

“Kyle Rayner of Earth, You Have Been Chosen”- Blue Lantern Power Ring

It’s extremely hard to make a DC top five list without including a bit of the Lantern universe. Kyle Rayner has always been my favourite human Lantern, only bested in the corps by Kilowog and Sodam Yat. New Guardians starts off with Kyle's induction into the corps by Ganthet. This really sets the scene for times to come and helps new readers into the story. The only major problem with New Guardians is that this is not for new Green Lantern readers. If you’ve never read any Green Lantern and don’t want to be dragged into the war of the light, it’s best just to stick with Batman and Superman before things get too confusing.

3: Justice League #1

“Hold on a second... You’re not just some guy in a bat costume, are you? Are you freaking kidding me?!”- Green Lantern

AKA the Batman and Green Lantern tag team. Don’t be fooled by the all-star front cover, this story is about Batman and Green Lantern. Sure, it does some stuff on the origin of Cyborg and Superman appears at the very end, but this is all about Bruce and Hal. Any long term DC fan knows that Batman and Green Lantern were never best buds. They both have different styles, Batman taking the stealthy approach and Lantern being a shining light of will. The story is kept strong by their two great personalities and the shape of things to come was laid out by the alien’s death cry of “For Darkseid!”

2: Aquaman #1

“How’s it feel to be nobody’s favourite super-hero?”- Blogger

Aquaman has never really been anything important in the DCU, so I was sceptical about getting this one. When I found out that it was being written by my favourite author, Geoff Johns, I was willing to take the risk. When I then later found out that it was being drawn by the artist from Blackest Night, my personal favourite DC event, I was all in. As you have probably already figured out, Aquaman was so good, it not only made it to my top five but came second. It is obvious that DC no longer wanted Arthur Curry to be the lame super hero who talked to fish, so pulled out all the stops with this one.

1: Batwing #1

“We honour them all in blood”- Massacre

I have always loved the back-story of Batman, and the fact that DC was going to make a Batman to live in Africa was a great decision. Ben Oliver’s artwork is definitely the best from the whole 52, really capturing the grim darkness of the slums of Africa and Batwing himself in all their glory. Judd Winick's story takes a running start, creating an entirely new character that really appeals to me and has me hooked from the first ever issue.

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Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 56 months ago - 5th October 2011 - 13:56pm

If you're interested in comics, there's a comic book workshop with Pete Rogers at the Literature Lounge on Saturday.



Commented 56 months ago - 5th October 2011 - 20:30pm

I do like the sound of Jonah Hex. However I do wonder 1) why exactly have DC done this? Seems like a massive step. And 2) why is resetting everything back to number one a testimony to greatness!? Does it involve resetting all the stories to their beginnings again, because Marvel have been doing that for years. Regardless, pretty sure Marvel won't be panicking over this move from DC...



Commented 56 months ago - 6th October 2011 - 09:47am

Wasn't there a Jonah Hex film out a while back? I didn't see it and I get the impression no one else did?



Commented 56 months ago - 6th October 2011 - 21:18pm

There was indeed, and it got truly awful reviews.

Jeff the Fridge

Jeff the Fridge

Commented 56 months ago - 6th October 2011 - 21:31pm

its a testomony to greatness cos they renumbered everythin and they wanted to do something big after the events of flashpoint

Jeff the Fridge

Jeff the Fridge

Commented 56 months ago - 6th October 2011 - 21:53pm

Yet another shamless rip off of a brilliant comic



Commented 56 months ago - 6th October 2011 - 23:08pm

Oh John Malkovich. He's in some great stuff and he's in some terrible stuff.

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