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The End Of HMV?

Posted by PinkClouds from Cardiff - Published on 17/01/2013 at 13:45
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Could this be the end of HMV?

Irishman Eric Nolan bought his grandson a 40 gift voucher for Christmas, which is not being accepted by HMV as it went into administration on Monday (14th January 2013). They were told that the company were no longer honouring them.

He and grandson Cian walked out of the store in Henry Street, Dublin, with computer games worth 46.80 after a failed attempt to exchange the invalid vouchers for the goods. Security Guards did not try to stop the pair at first but then followed them part-way down the city centre street in an attempt to make them return the video games. Mr Nolan told the Irish Independent he planned on posting the voucher and outstanding 6.80 to the outlet.

Many people say that HMV not honouring the valid vouchers purchased is theft and should be made to honour them.

I asked a few people when they last made a purchase in HMV. For two people it was around Christmas but for a lot it was two or three years ago. I then asked them when the last time they went in the shops was and for most it was quite recently. I found that a lot of people are going in there to see what has been released and then buying it over the internet via something like Amazon.

For around 6,000 people the closing of HMV will mean unemployment.

For most I don't think the shop will be missed too much but I think the closing of HMV could kick off the closing of many other shops like this as more items will be bought via the internet.

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Source: Independent.ie

Photo Credit: albyantoniazzi via Compfightcc

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