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The Beauty And The Beast

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 08/08/2013 at 14:31
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How can you love such a beast?
I have been asked.
The monster with such rage inside,
The ugliness he tries to hide.

When you are such a beauty
To walk the earth at his side,
A real beauty and a beast,
Living side by side.

I love him as he loves me,
Both of us so lost and misunderstood.
I melt away the burning flame,
The anger, hurt and all the pain.

The beast or wolf at heart
Tears away to become the prince.
All he needs is love and understanding,
Do not judge what you cannot understand.

I do not fear the beast,
But love it more and fill it with compassion,
The roaring tiger in pain from a sting,
Take out the stake and begin again.

Through the layers of darkness,
I see the innocence in him,
My love does not blind me,
Only clears the mist that surrounds him.

Like The Phantom and Christine,
Like Heathcliff and Cathy,
Our love is undying,
My dreams are only made of him.

The beast only wishes to keep safe what is his,
The prince so strong in his pride,
Such pain and torment made him the beast,
The cruelness of the world paints him in an ugly light.

I see the pureness of his heart,
The gentle giant inside,
The man of many woes and mystery,
Who captivated beauty's heart.

And if this is a terrible sin,
Then so be it for my kin,
The beast became a man,
The man gave me a child.

And for this the beast did disappear
Back into the dark night,
His paw trembles in my hand waiting to be loved
And so I took it too my breast
And he felt the love in my chest.

I love both the beast and the prince,
Never fearing in the least,
That's how a beauty
Can love such a beast.

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Photo Credit: Christophe Verdier via Compfight cc

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