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SproutNews 30/06/14 (World Cup Special)

Posted by simdude101 (correspondent) from Cardiff - Published on 30/06/2014 at 10:36
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A report by you

Hello, fellow Sprouters.

Welcome to another article on the News in the world Today.

Before the news though, I would like to apologise for the minimal uploads this past month. For a menagerie of reasons, I have not found the time or have not got round to publishing this article, and I hope my uploads will be a lot more frequent in the next month.

Now, on with the news.

Today's article is slightly different to others as it is a world cup special! YAY! In this article, rather than actually listing news events as such, I will be noting down the scores of recent games and putting down my opinion on who I think stands a good chance of winning! Please feel free to put your predictions in the comments and I will reply as to whether I agree or not on a regular basis!

Now, the scores for the games on Sunday:

Netherlands 2 - 1 Mexico

Costa Rica 1 (5) - 1 (4) Greece

Now, for me, the team with the most potential to win overall is the Netherlands. They didn't lose a match in the group stages, they beat Mexico 2:1 on Sunday 29th, and they've been runners up for the past few years now.

Secretly, I wanted Spain to win, but they were absolutely hammered in the group stages this year.

So, that pretty much rounds off my World Cup special! Until the Cup ends, most of my articles will probably be focused upon it. Just a quick shout out to watch the official World Cup song by Pitbull. It is included as a video in this article (above).

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