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SproutNews: 21/11/14 - Bird Flu & Ebola

Posted by simdude101 (correspondent) from Cardiff - Published on 21/11/2014 at 05:18
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Hello and welcome to today's SproutNews. In the headlines today:


Bird Flu In Yorkshire

A strain of Bird Flu has been confirmed on a duck farm in the county of Yorkshire, England. Health officials have reported that it is the H5N8 strain, which is not deadly to humans, unlike the H5N1 strain.


Ebola Cure: How Far Off?

With the virus still spreading in West Africa, how long will it be until we can find a vaccine and a cure to put an end to this epidemic?


A strain of bird flu, identified as the H5N8 strain, has been confirmed on a duck farm in Nafferton, Yorkshire.

Photo Credit: Incessant Flux via Compfight cc

The outbreak on the farm has been linked with the recent outbreak in The Netherlands and Germany, as the strain identified then was also the H5N8 strain. Health officials have stated that the H5N8 strain is not deadly to humans, unlike another strain H5N1.

However, they have said that they believe that the H5N8 strain does pose a significant threat to birds.

They have also said that the poultry market has not been affected, so people can rest easy in December, when buying their Christmas turkey. To try and contain the disease, a mass cull of all the ducks on the farm began on Tuesday morning.

A 10km monitoring zone has been set-up around the farm, in case the disease spreads.

Photo Credit: EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection via Compfight cc

Ebola next. About a month ago I wrote an article about the current outbreak, the symptoms and where it was.

Now, the international community has responded, with Russia, Canada, US and the UK all developing cures. Experimental drugs such as ZMapp have already been sent out, but how effective it is, and whether it cures people is unclear at the moment. Two US aid workers and a British nurse survived after taking it, but a Liberian doctor and a Spanish priest have died.

The question is how long? With nations fast-tracking development and trials, it is only a matter of time before a vaccine is found.

That's all for today Sprouters, thanks for reading.

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Commented 18 months ago - 22nd November 2014 - 01:35am

Not to seem insensitive to those who have perished at the hands of Ebola, but more people have died of hunger in West Africa since the outbreak of Ebola earlier this year. A LOT more people. Hundreds of thousands more people. The only reason we don't invest so heavily in this is because rich people can't catch hunger.

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