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Silencing Of The Ocean: Part Two

Posted by ScreenMunched from Cardiff - Published on 19/04/2013 at 10:25
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Hey guys. This is the second part of Silencing Of The Ocean. Sorry it's a bit short, I was going to write more but I liked the ending I had. I'm making it up on the spot so there might be some mistakes too!

Shadows slink across the horizon, tempting me.

I pick at my fingernails, one by one. I always do that when I'm nervous. I only stop when I feel the rush of blood. A metallic taste fills my mouth as I lick it off

He thrusts his hand with the blade towards my stomach and I think he is going to kill me, here and now on the beach. Well judging by the amount of blood on the knife, I wouldn't be the first to die, or the second. But the tip of the blade rests on my flesh instead.

“Take it.”

Millions of voices cry out in unison. All the murdered people, shouting out for help. When he kills, he takes their soul and buries it deep inside him; they are his food, the one thing he is surviving on. But I am developing a plan, better than any other plan before, which will wipe him out. It’s a challenge. I can do it. But now, there is nothing I can do, he has stripped me of my pride.

“Take it!” he repeats.

I can tell he is controlling me again. I am fighting to say no, he is making me say yes.


Curse. I lost again. If you knew, you could help me. Please, help me.

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Commented 37 months ago - 19th April 2013 - 10:53am

OMG this is amazing, I can't wait for the next part!



Commented 37 months ago - 19th April 2013 - 15:47pm

OMG! This is really good! Great writing!!!



Commented 37 months ago - 23rd April 2013 - 18:52pm

Thanks guys. Next part wont be out for a while coz i got loads to do! xx

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