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Silencing Of The Ocean: Part One

Posted by ScreenMunched from Cardiff - Published on 09/04/2013 at 16:06
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I'm part of the Cardiff Writers Squad, which is a writer's club where they pick the writers in Cardiff they think deserve to be in it. It's really fun and recently we went to Barry Island for a story walk and this is the first part of the story I wrote! Please tell me if you want more.

My whole life is a lie. My name, my identity. The truth is locked up in another land, crying out for help. I have to find the key. It was my mistake and I wish it had never happened. But I can't help it; I keep looking back on the past. I mean, it was just a normal night...

My wooden boat scrapes on the path, following the marks of previous visits. There is a soft thud as it slaps down onto the sand. I gaze up at the cliff. Brown and black streaks run down the side like blood. The ghostly water licks the sand like a whisper, rocking back and forth.

My body shudders. He shouldn't be here yet. I can see him approaching, all in black, his figure outlined by the stark, silver moon. He promised he would be alone, but even without my devices and implements, I sense other people. Guarding him. Protecting him. From me, the dangerous one.

He comes closer. He seems to glide above the sand in a trance.


One word makes me tremble with fear. His icy fingers close in around my neck as a sickly aroma fills the air. I prepare to run.

"I wouldn't try. I will always catch you."

Again, that soft whisper, that seems to come from inside your mind. I forgot. He can read me, predict me and control me.

A rustle comes from my side. I slowly turn, my heart pumping against my chest, making my body throb. That's when I see it. A knife in his hand, fresh with blood.

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Commented 37 months ago - 9th April 2013 - 16:19pm

That's really cool! Could you leave a comment letting me know a little bit more about the Cardiff Writer's Squad please? I love writing and it sounds like something I would like to do. Is it free? Thanks xx



Commented 37 months ago - 9th April 2013 - 16:25pm

And I forgot to say, I would LOVE to read more! Please share the rest!! =D x



Commented 37 months ago - 9th April 2013 - 19:08pm

@b00kw0rm. Yeah basically it's a club where we had different people in to tall about different styles of writing and techniques. We write whatever we feel comfortable with, if you want to read it, great, if you don't, no problem! We meet once a month on a Saturday morning. There are some great events coming up like more story walks, going to the BBC studio and some great visits from people! Xx



Commented 37 months ago - 9th April 2013 - 20:02pm

Wow! This is really good!!! :) can you tell me a bit more about the Cardiff Writer's squad please?



Commented 37 months ago - 10th April 2013 - 17:54pm

@JustNotNormal thanks a lot!! Like your new pic. If you look at the comment above you will see all about. Btw it's not free but it's not expensive or anything. We are quite full at the moment though. It's not really for me to say but I dunno if you can come in even though you are awesome writers!! X



Commented 37 months ago - 11th April 2013 - 12:34pm

This is so cool, I cant wait until part two!



Commented 37 months ago - 14th April 2013 - 14:30pm

Omg! On paragraph 3, line 3 its meant to say THE dangerous one, not MERGE dangerous one! Sorry guys! :D x



Commented 37 months ago - 14th April 2013 - 20:21pm

Hey is this the one you were writing in your notebook at school ???? xx lol its really good , hope part 2 comes soon!!! xxx :)

Gareth CLIC

Commented 37 months ago - 15th April 2013 - 09:35am

@ScreenMunched Fix'd to 'the'.



Commented 37 months ago - 16th April 2013 - 19:58pm

Haha thank you gareth! :)

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