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Silencing Of The Ocean: Part Four

Posted by ScreenMunched from Cardiff - Published on 02/05/2013 at 10:05
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It was only a short visit, but I’m still shaken.

I open my eyes, crusty with sleep, and realise I am floating!

“Finally! How long does it take for someone to wake up? You passed out.” Merritt shouts over the crashing waves. She looks at me properly. “Oh…it was him wasn’t it?”

I nod. I have been preparing for a way to defeat him for years, but now that it has come, I am terrified. I am too tired to bother anymore. I drift off to sleep. Screams fill my dreams. Screams fill my nightmares. But screams also fill my reality. Merritt is yelling over the waves. Dark towers of black water cave in on us, trapping us underneath its wrath. They shout at us like animals, as our boat tips this way and that, and we desperately cling on, until I know there is no hope of getting out of this alive.

But Merritt might, and she can give him the knife. When I turn around to face the tears in her eyes, I know she is thinking the same thing, but she wants me to survive. Before I can scream to stop her, she has used all her energy to push me as close as she can to land, and her body sinks lifelessly under the sea.

My heart feels like lead. There is no hope of anything. Merritt just risked her own life for me and as I try to cry, no sound comes out, just a strangled murmur. But somehow I know that he made that happen, and that makes me more determined to kill him. I gasp for air as I reach land.

This is the island, the forbidden island, which I should never set foot on. The Master wouldn’t want me here, ever.

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Commented 35 months ago - 5th June 2013 - 20:31pm

I love this story!!! :)

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