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Sheriff Ratings

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 09/12/2008 at 15:25
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WORDS: Lucy Smith /

Do you find it annoying when your mates text you and you have no credit to text back ?

Well, this may solve that problem. When browsing the Internet last night I discovered a new website called Sheriff Ratings - a free UK business directory.

You can make an account with them, giving a picture of whatever you wish to use, then add a brief discription of yourself.

You can then send FREE text messages to whoever you want or need to, the only snag being that you can only type 130 characters, and you only have so many texts to use - three when you submit a review, and 15 when you recommend a friend 

You can also rate things such as your favorite films, pubs, actors, music etc and recieve more texts to use. I have a profile I use now and again when I have no credit left on my mobile.

A few of my friends have also been using the site too, and find it very helpful. I hope you will also find it of good use.

The website is here. Ensure you discuss the site with a parent or guardian, and read their terms and conditions before making any kind of commitment.  

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