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School Uniform To Vanish?

Posted by Pizza Date from Cardiff - Published on 10/07/2012 at 11:11
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We all have a right to be individuals and to make our own choices. Making us wear school uniform takes away our right to choose what we want to wear and to look how we want.

School uniforms are often uncomfortable and old fashioned, also if there are a lot of children in a family it can be very expensive, approximately £200 per child when starting high school. We also need our sports kit to wear in PE lessons as well as clothes to wear out of school.

Some people think that uniform is smart and makes you feel more grown up. Everyone looks good in it and it shows respect for your school; each pupil wearing that uniform is representing that school.

However, this can cause problems as separate schools are identified by their uniforms, students can sometimes be dragged into fighting and bullying between the schools.

Forcing people to wear uniform can ignore their religious needs; Sikh boys and Muslim girls all express their religious beliefs through the way they dress. This could lead to parents choosing private faith schools limiting the mixing of children of all faiths.

The wearing of school uniform should be a personal choice, however if the uniforms were generally brought more up-to-date, more kids could decide whether the uniform is cool enough to wear.

I would love to hear your opinions!

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Commented 46 months ago - 10th July 2012 - 11:42am

I used to hate walking through Grangetown in a blazer. Who wears blazers in this day and age?


Commented 46 months ago - 19th July 2012 - 20:51pm

i think we should be able to wear what we want and be free with our style not being so strict


Commented 43 months ago - 8th October 2012 - 12:12pm

I think as young people, we should be able to express our style ourselves, and it would be cheaper. The main reason we are in school, is to learn and be educated. I think school's are too wrapped up in worrying about our appearance. The school want us to be individuals, but with uniform we all look the same.


Commented 41 months ago - 14th December 2012 - 09:47am

i like food and not uniform




Commented 41 months ago - 15th December 2012 - 08:29am

This was a well written article. I agree with all of your points, especially your point about the mixing of different faiths. I agree that school uniform should go as it is more comfortable and we are in school to be educated - they shouldn't be worrying about our appearance. Great article!

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