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Saleh Family Friends At Cedars

Posted by zippedlips from Cardiff - Published on 25/10/2012 at 14:59
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This is a recent post on SaveSalehFamily Facebook Page:

A family friend who tried to stop the deportation ended up in hospital for spine injuries as a result of police abuse. She posted this status earlier: "So my friend's family were deported. I am distraught. I am also in shock and a great deal of pain, having been subject to a completely unprovoked physical assault by two police while trying to peacefully prevent the coach that was to take them to the airport from entering the Cedars Detention Centre. All I did was stand in the road, linking arms with other friends of the family. I did nothing aggressive, didn't even say anything that could in anyway be construed as aggressive. Yet I was assaulted so forcefully (hit in my back as I was held face down in the mud, arms twisted up behind my back) that I was screaming in pain and left incapable of standing, even moving. Thanks to everyone who helped and made sure I got home safely - ambulance and hospital staff, and some very lovely friends... special mention and respect to the amazing Gremlin who risked his safety and freedom by locking himself to the drive-shaft of the coach, delaying it for three hours. So sorry it wasn't enough to prevent them getting to the airport in time :( my thoughts are now with the family, hoping that their worst fears about what awaits them in Egypt do not materialise.

Here is a video recording of the event [contains swearing]

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Commented 43 months ago - 28th October 2012 - 15:55pm

ohhh i feel so sorry for you and her and i feel your pain.

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