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Safer Internet Day 2013

Posted by Safer Internet Day // Diwrnod Defnyddio'r Rhyngrwyd yn Fwy Diogel from Gwynedd - Published on 05/02/2013 at 12:40
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  • Safer Internet Day

Author: BigFatBruno

Today is Safer Internet Day 2013.

Children are being groomed over the internet just for the purpose of sexual abuse.

Children and young people like you and me need to be careful of who we speak to over the internet.

The person you think is a good friend of yours could be anybody. You should never give out any personal details out over the internet e.g. phone number, email address, house address, not anything.

Research by a child protection watchdog suggests that only 7% of the 1145 online abuse cases reported to the online protection centre in 2012 involved people trying to meet a child.

They also said offenders may target hundreds of victims at a time and described this behaviour as an "alarming new trend". It doesn't take much for a paedophile to take advantage of a child.

We need to act now before more children are abused. It could be you or a loved one! Stop it now.

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