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Review: We're No Heroes - Quiet Colours

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 02/08/2011 at 10:00
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  • We're No Heroes

The Cardiff band We’re No Heroes have recently released an EP called Quiet Colours, which is produced by Jordon Andrews, who has contributed work to countless successful Cardiff acts. The group consists of Tom Collins - Vocals and Guitar, Michael Owen - Vocals and Bass and Luke Llewellyn - Vocals and Drums.

The opening track Atlantic Hearts is a promising introduction to the EP. The guitar line that just plays on its own before the drums kick in is really effective. The vocals, I have to admit, sound a little flat and slightly toneless. I also have to admit that I lost interest in the rest of the song after the first verse. I find that they just seem to repeat each other throughout the rest of the song.

The second track is called Empty Beat and I think the title fits the song. It is - in my opinion - empty. Again there is a lot of instrumental music and not a lot of vocals in this song. In some cases this can be effective, however when you hear the vocals, you expect them to be strong and compelling. These vocals however are lacking in emotion. Again they're a little flat and repetitive.

Tigers is the third track on Quiet Colours and it’s really enjoyable. I really like the beginning instrumental piece and I find it interesting how they start off with a typical guitar strum and then quickly change it when the drums come in.

The vocals enter pretty soon on Tigers and this time I can say they don't sound flat and they are not as repetitive as the others. They do repeat a certain line at the end of each verse, but I find that effective and like poetry. I also like how they have one main vocalist and that when they come to a certain part of the verse, they use backing vocals to emphasise the importance of the line.

Also during this track I like how they stop the vocals and quickly cut off the other instruments apart from the drums. I like how they leave them going on their own small solo while the other vocalists sing a simple tune over the top. I find this very effective because it breaks up the song into different parts and gives a break from the guitar. I also like how they change the tempo when they bring the guitar back.

However, I have to say that even though I enjoy this song, it does have small faults. I think that the instrumental parts in-between the vocals are too long and that there are far too many solos.

They start differently on the fourth and final track as they include all the instruments they have previously used in the other songs (guitar, bass and drums). I find this interesting, however I feel let down again by the repetition of the vocals. This disappoints me somewhat because the previous song is excellent.

All in all, I’m slightly disappointed by this EP, but then again my expectations may have been a little too high. There are good points and bad points to Quiet Colours. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you like the genre of indie music, even though they refer to themselves in the press release as math rock pop. I guess I can say the main reason why I didn’t like this album is because it isn’t my genre of music - like I hoped it would be. I find it all a little too repetitive.

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