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Review: The Rocky Horror Show @ New Theatre

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 12/02/2016 at 15:32
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The Rocky Horror Show

New Theatre, Cardiff

Monday 8th February 2016

Deciding what to wear for the night I went all out and picked a naughty Janet look with a mini skirt and corset with my wedges to walk in.

I even put my leather jacket on just because it was quite chilly.

Getting to the New Theatre my plus one (and best friend) was looking very dashing himself in a leather jacket and shirt so to look like a modern day Brad - there were many people dressed up and I was very impressed to see a few guys dressed up like Frank N. Furter.

We had to go downstairs to get our tickets then picked up a drink and some sweets before we were let in to take our seats in the upper circle, we had a great view and were very excited to see the show. My plus one had seen it twice before, where as I only had the film to go by.

The show started with a bang! The music was a shock to the system and I was amazed by how loud and well the woman sang as she came on stage. She walked about much like a robot in my mind but was done comically. The crowd sang along and then as the curtain was pulled back we had Steve Punt as our author for the night. At many points the audience shouted out innuendos when the actors were on pause for the author. This included Janet being called a slut and Brad being called an a**hole. For me I got a little confused because I had never seen the show before but soon it all made sense. Soon we saw when Dr Frank N. Furter slept with both Brad and Janet.

I loved the use of props between the car and the moving of the moon for Riff Raff to appear by the top of the mansion. I loved the look and feel of the cast, as it was so much more set in the modern day with their costumes but it still kept to the original theme. I was amazed by how well the actors were picked to fit their characters' voice and look, even Riff Raff, you couldn't really tell that they weren't the original cast. I enjoyed how they did their own spin on when Dr Frank N. Furter first came in; rather than from a lift he came on stage from behind doors. It was hard to sing along with him for my favourite song Sweet Transvestite due to his own spin on it. Yet once the show was over, they repeated a few of the songs and it was easier to join in. When they did the Time Warp almost all of the audience joined in.

I would have to highly recommend it to anyone who loves the film to see the live show, I believe it has been going for almost 45 years now (maybe more) and I wish I had seen it sooner. It's so exciting and you can fall for the characters even more easily because you not only get to be a part of it but also join in with the banter too.

The Rocky Horror Show is on at the New Theatre, Cardiff till Saturday 13th February 2016

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