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Review: The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Runaway

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 14/09/2011 at 12:30
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Considering the show was supposed to start at 7pm on Tuesday 13th September, I can say I was glad that I arrived early at a whopping 6pm to take a cast photo.

The show was supposed to start at 7pm on the dot, but in the end started earlier than what was planned. This was because of the foyer becoming increasingly full with the awaiting audience.

During the performance I was really pleased to see that the 'fourth wall' was broken many times, if not all the time. This means that the actors not only perform on stage but also amongst the audience and interacting with them. I found this greatly effective because it meant that the audience could be part of the performance and not just a viewer. It is easy during shows like this to feel isolated but impossible during this performance.

Also throughout the production there were a few songs performed individually and by the entire cast. I really liked this because I found it showed more of a character's personality. I also loved how it enticed you more into the performance because, let’s face it, we all sometimes find speeches boring and monotonous; this was a great way to escape the boredom and keep the audience interested. Each and every song was enthusiastically applauded.

My favourite song during the performance was called Men: A Paradox (written by Stormer007 and Alex T); it was fast paced, bright and funny - key elements in making an audience happy. The song described all the great things about men and what they do like talk about, such as football. It then also talks about their faults and what is bad about them. I found it hilarious to listen to and even though it was a little fast for most to understand I could hear it almost perfectly! The audience seemed to love it as much as I did!

I also really enjoyed the usage of a PowerPoint presentation, which was used to show a news report. I thought this was good because you still had the runaways who were cycling to London on stage but were frozen as the presentation played, using what is called ‘cross cutting’.

Another thing I really enjoyed from the performance was how the interval was introduced. At first I thought it was still part of the performance but when people started to move and the actors started to give small sandwich packs out I finally realised what was happening. During the interval the performers stayed in character and some of them were acting on stage. I found this interesting and very effective as I had never seen it before! At this point and at the end of the show, small collections buckets were passed around for Papyrus who work to prevent young people committing suicide.

During the performance there were two mini soap operas between Cassie (played by Georgia) and Robbie (played by Tom B) that the audience seemed to love! It was everything a soap opera should be: over the top and entertaining - especially in the fight scene at the end. This was highly amusing especially when the Darren (played by Tom H) came onto the scene! This lead to another song called Sheep (written by Leila N) which was really intriguing and quite sweet to listen to with a strong vocal performance.

However one small thing I didn't like was the use of language during the production. There was no warning of the content at the beginning or on the ticket when I thought there ought to have been. Considering the youngest performer was twelve-years-old and there being a lot of swear words, I thought was a little inappropriate for some of the younger members of the audience that.

This is a minor quibble as overall I thoroughly enjoyed watching this performance. I thought it was well set out and excellently performed. It was a great success.

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Sprout Editor

Sprout Editor

Commented 56 months ago - 16th September 2011 - 13:27pm

So glad it went well! Great review of what sounds like an awesome performance. Congratulations to the director... would like to meet them sometime ;)

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