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Review: Stuart Francis Live @ Saint David's Hall Cardiff

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 03/11/2015 at 14:21
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Stewart Francis Live
30th October 2015
St David's Hall

My plus one and I were running late to the show due to very poor service at TGI Friday's, but this is not about that.

We got to the hall just after Stuart Francis had come on stage and I'll admit seeing him so close was quite nerve wracking, but very exciting too. We were about 5 or 6 rows back from the stage and although he noticed us coming in late, he decided to pick on a woman who seemed to be dashing out (I'm guessing a toilet break). His reaction was to make an interesting vocal comment which I won't repeat because of youngsters who may read the review. Stuart Francis had very dark humour which some may find offensive, where others find it quite amusing. I really enjoyed his use of props with the screen behind him which he used in one joke saying: "I will not be using any subliminal messages to make the audience laugh", at which point the screen flashed *laugh*.

We really enjoyed several of his jokes about how Canada differs from here, yet they have similar things on TV but with different names. For example, he says: "in Canada we have a TV show called Pointless, but over here you have The One Show". Another one that I found particularly amusing: "we have embarrassing bodies but you have loose women".  He also made some jokes towards other comedians like how he was surprised we could understand him speaking Canadian and glad he was not like another comedians you struggle to understand (John Bishop). He even made a dark joke about how guys were told when they were younger that they could go blind, then said he was glad he listened (at which point he dropped a bottle of water which he was trying to put onto a near by table).

One that was amusing at first was a joke about Shaun Connery and how he plays different roles but always had the same voice: "Look, it's me, Shaun Connery! I'm pretending to be a Russian, but it's me!". After this joke was played several times it got a little old for my humour, but then he went back to a joke he started with "People often ask me: Mr Francis how do you remember all your jokes? And I told them well you see I give my manager my list of jokes and you see this ear piece? He tells me them and I just repeat what he says." Then later on he goes "Hi honey, yes he's still on stage. I've gotta go - he's repeating everything I say!" at which point then Stuart Francis shakes it off and continues with his routine.

The show was great fun and a great night out he even after going off stage had his subliminal message board flash *encore* so we would clap him back on stage. Saint David's hall is one of the best places to see a comic I would say, because it is more of a friendly environment and keeps you close to the act rather than like in the Motorpoint Arena where personally I find it more cold and closed off.

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