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Review: Spider-Man 5000

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 12/04/2013 at 15:23
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  • Spider-Man

Ever wanted to catch those earlier episodes of Spider-Man cartoon series? Well now you can in this brilliant DVD collection.

The classics of the 1980s are brought back to life on DVD, just as good as the days when they were aired on television.

The first few episodes consist of Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble, Doctor Doom, Master of the World and Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere. In these episodes you have the typical bad guy who wants to take over the world and get what he wants. Spider-Man is in the dilemma of choosing between saving the world and school. The bad guys start kicking Spidey's butt, but not before Spider-Man comes back to defeat them and saves the day!

Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble was a perfect example of that. Doctor Octopus is breaking into places and stealing items perfect for making his robotic octopus arms indestructible, all part of his master plan, of course! You then have Spider-Man trying to stop him and figure out what he's doing, but can't because he gets knocked back every time! That is until the last five minutes of the episode, when everything unravels and the plot line comes to a close as Spider-Man saves the day!

It's a good classic that makes you smile and think 'this was a good era for Spider-Man' in comparison to the newer episodes that are currently being shown on television.

The good old Spidey always seems to have homework to do, which is hard enough, before you even get around to saving the world and doing a daily scoop for the local news paper the Daily Bugle. Somehow though, he manages to defeat the bad guy, get a good scoop, and still hand in his homework on time... the guy is amazing! Who wouldn't want to be a super-awesome Spider-Man that can swing from the tallest of buildings!

If you've missed the good old Spider-Man shows then definitely buy this DVD box set, Spider-Man 5000. That way you can watch them over and over as many times as you like and relive the good old days!

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Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 37 months ago - 12th April 2013 - 15:25pm

Tansi picked up this DVD boxset at the last Sprout Editorial Meeting. If you're interested in reviewing stuff and/or biscuits then why not pop along to the next one on Thursday 25th April 2013.



Commented 37 months ago - 12th April 2013 - 15:48pm

I need this boxset and I'm so glad I now know of its existence! Thank you and awesome review ^_^

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