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Review: Sleeping Beauty @ New Theatre

Posted by SamuelPatterson from Cardiff - Published on 13/12/2012 at 10:33
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Sleeping Beauty
New Theatre
Wednesday 12th December 2012 

The magical time of year has come once more and it’s best that you ready your derrires in plush fabric seats and purchase your expensive confectionary. Panto has come to town!

This year’s New Theatre pantomime sees Joe Pasquale take centre stage as Muddles in the classic story Sleeping Beauty with the fabulous Ceri Dupree playing Queen Passionella and Lucy Evans lending her talents to the titular role of Princess Beauty. The entire cast were wonderful and really gave the show their everything and this made for an incredible night of laughter, joy and awe at the frankincensational special effects that this all-out pantomime put on!

Whilst the Skype product placement was somewhat annoying, it was fortunately kept to a minimum and the result is well worth it. The 3D effects in the pantomime were an extraordinary feat of technological involvement and may well be the onset of a new pantomime tradition! There’s nothing quite like watching the children in front of you reach out in a vain endeavour to try and grasp the flying insects and magic faces (long story) and extra thrills can be taken from being shocked senseless with the eye-popping 3D magic!

However, don’t let the inclusion of technological know-how put you off: this pantomime still holds true many of pantomime’s classic traditions such as “Oh no there isn’t/you shouldn’t/she won’t etc”, wonderful booing for the villain and an audience sing along! One of the best traditions is of course the pantomime dame. Ceri Dupree is fabulous and wears so many outrageous outfits you can hardly wonder how the theatre is big enough! Glamour, glitz and innuendos galore fill the stage when he steps on. Wonderful.

Joe Pasquale does an incredible job of delighting his audience throughout the panto with his quirky comedy and zany jokes. His use of props (including a mole, a mobility scooter and a toilet-roll blowing wind-blower) is incredible and his timing is impeccable. The only thing more impressive than his timing is his ability to make the repetitive and unfunny, hilarious! Using his own cast as a tool for comic gold, he hurtles through the panto throwing joke after joke after joke. One can’t help but wonder where he finds them all!

The music throughout is wonderful with some impressive renditions of well-known songs as well as a few originals. The orchestra did a magnificent job and they must be given high credit as a panto without music is a play and we all know how outdated plays are, don’t we!

The entire show was infinitely entertaining and I cannot recommend this spectacular treat highly enough! A stupendous evening of laughter, music and heroism awaits you at the New Theatre this Christmas season! Oh yes it does!

Sleeping Beauty is at the New Theatre, Cardiff till Sunday 20th January 2013

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Commented 41 months ago - 13th December 2012 - 23:15pm

Brilliant write up of the Panto in Cardiff I have to agree with Stormer007's comments it was truly a magical experience, best Panto I have ever seen
My daughter was lucky enough to go on stage for some audience participation with Joe Pasquale, he had a peck on the cheek from her!
He was hoping that my 5 year old would say he was her favourite character but of course she said Sleeping Beauty was and the audience roared with laughter!
If you get chance go and see it! a defo 5/5 *****
I would go and see it again, without question I was glued to it from start to finish!



Commented 41 months ago - 15th December 2012 - 08:25am

A well written review. I was wondering whether or not to go and see this and this review definitely helped. Thanks! :D



Commented 41 months ago - 15th December 2012 - 15:10pm

I really liked the panto, and it reminded me of Aladdin and Robin Hood. Personally, I don't think the last two (Cinderella and Robinson Crusoe) were as good.
I liked the songs, but I was a bit disappointed because the children didn't do as much this year. I was one of the children in it for the past four years, so I was excited to see them.
It was an excellent show, though, and I'd really like to see Barney to see if he's as funny as Joe Pasquale.

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