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Review: Reading Festival 2013

Posted by Jackofalltrades from Cardiff - Published on 28/08/2013 at 11:59
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  • Reading 2013

Reading Festival 2013
Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th August 2013

So, as you’re probably well aware if you’re an avid festival-goer, or simply follow the music scene, the weekend saw Berkshire once again play host to the Goliath that is Reading Festival.

On Thursday (or Wednesday to any fellow early-birds), over 86,000 people flooded into Reading by coach, train, car and wheelbarrow, ready to grossly overpopulate Little John’s Farm and produce equal measures of noise and empty beer cans.

The last few days marked only my second time at Reading, and in fact at a festival after making the journey for the first time last year to witness headliners The Cure, Kasabian and the almighty Foo Fighters. This year, in similar fashion, Reading 2013 had some impressive acts of its own, boasting Green Day, Eminem and Biffy Clyro as headliners, but also including the likes of Skrillex, Deaf Havana, Imagine Dragons, Chase & Status, Knife Party and Fall Out Boy to name but a few.

As with any festival, you soon come to the realisation that it’s nigh on impossible to see everything you want to, and so to combat this I adopted the juggling act tactic of stage jumping mid-set to get around to see at least some of whatever I wanted to see. It’s for this reason that I refer to the festival in such broad terms and refrain from breaking down each act individually, but if you haven’t already, you can catch lots of the acts on BBC iPlayer (it’s definitely worth your time, unfortunately Eminem’s set is unavailable but check out Deaf Havana, Skindred, The Blackout and Chase & Status as a few of my highlights).

On top of the huge variety of live music on offer over the three days, it seems to be little known that there are also brilliant comedy acts, a film tent showing a collection of both big blockbusters and interesting short films, and several Silent Discos that remain open until the early hours and remain an incredibly fun way to spend the night after the bands finish.

To those among us who shudder at the thought of letting their personal hygiene drop below the benchmark of a daily shower, or those who fear the general profanity/insanity that follows mixing people with alcohol, a weekend at a festival may sound difficult to enjoy, and I won’t lie to you, it isn’t for everyone. What I would say is that there are ways of reducing these aspects, such as camping in one of the quieter fields such as White or Purple camp, instead of the bad lands that are Red and Yellow, and if you don’t mind spending a little cash, there are luxury toilets to be found along with showers if you can’t bear the change in lifestyle.

But, if at all possible, I would encourage anyone who feels on the fence about Reading or any other festival to just go for it. Leave your smart phones (take an old mobile without internet), lives and any preconceptions at home and just embrace the dirt, smell and music with open arms. It may sound surprising but spending a few bohemian days surrounded by people who are all in the same boat in terms of both looks and smell, minus the demands of email/Facebook/Twitter can be extremely liberating. Even if you still feel daunted by the sheer scale of festivals such as Reading, there are plenty of other smaller (and potentially more interesting) festivals you can go to such as Green Man and Wakestock, which are both situated in Wales.

So why not give a festival a go? Besides, anywhere people can walk around wearing a knitted elephant hat or dressed as the ’Beer Pope’ without getting a second glance can’t be so bad can it?

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