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Review: Owen Pallet Solo Show @ Portland House, Cardiff Bay

Posted by GinaP from Cardiff - Published on 10/06/2015 at 13:55
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Owen Pallett

Portland House, Cardiff Bay 

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

A beautiful, playful gig by Owen Pallett was to be enjoyed at the large Grecian bank hall of Portland House last Wednesday. A long set, attended by many devoted fans.

Standing near the front, I was curious to see Owen Pallett play outside the confines of Arcade Fire; not having experienced his solo shows before.

It was apparent that Owen is clearly talented in his precise execution of a looper to overlay his unconventional violin playing and ethereal vocals to create a tapestry of sound. I found it fascinating to watch him play every part of the violin - from knocking on the back, to plucking the strings with the intensity of a man playing the knife game and playing long, drawn out melodies.

The crowd watched wide-eyed, hanging on his every frenzied movement and singing along to lyrics that I found hard to pick out from the wash of sound.

The marble columns and ornate backdrop of the Grecian bank hall along with clever changes in colourful stage lighting between each song encouraged the imagination to flow with the music, making for an interesting set that reminded me of Owen's work on the scores of the videogame, Final Fantasy and film, Her.

Owen was obviously very relaxed on stage, even restarting one of his songs with ease when he felt it wasn't quite right. His set was punctuated by a drummer and bassist joining him for a few songs and Owen stopping three quarters of the way through to jovially ask the audience "any questions"; responding honestly to questions about his painted blue finger nails and naughty escapades in Cardiff's gay bars, to the delight of the crowd. 

It is a shame that this was one of his last solo gigs: on replying to a fan during the jokey Q&A session who asked whether online claims of this being his last solo tour were BS, he murmured that it was true and the crowd moaned collectively. Over the next year, Owen Pallett can be seen at Green Man festival and a few gigs in his home-country of Canada, for true fans.

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ArticlePreview: Owen Pallet @ Portland House, Cardiff Bay

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Commented 11 months ago - 10th June 2015 - 14:23pm

Nice review. Just one thing though, Owen never produced any of the music for the Final Fantasy videogame series, he merely performed under that name until he was forced to stop using it by the makers of the game.

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