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Review: Olly Murs @ Motorpoint

Posted by DanielleNicole15 from Cardiff - Published on 04/04/2013 at 12:53
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  • Olly Murs

Olly Murs
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Monday 25th March 2013

The day when Cardiff smiled and opened up her arms to greet the gorgeous, cheeky Olly Murs for his second arena tour here.

And so the night began. Floods of fans found their seats, and before long, the whole arena was jam packed with Troublemakers. The atmosphere was buzzing as everyone embraced their surroundings, anticipating hearing the stunning voice of Olly Murs. Staff ran left, right and centre selling Murs merchandise and food, which was a success with the fans. Then, as we all waited eagerly for Olly, the lights faded and we were all delighted to welcome his support acts to the stage in the form of Tich and The Loveable Rogues.

As the blazing lights dimmed, Tich began the show. With her powerful voice, she belted out some of her own tunes, such as Dumb, as well as performing her own take on Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble - a difficult one to replicate, but a very thrilling spin of it, played to perfection on the keyboard.

Then came The Lovable Rogues. With their jolly songs and hyper personalities, they instantly became a hit with the crowd. With Eddie playing the guitar, Sonny on the ukulele and Te Eugene singing with a great tone, the three successfully sold their songs to us, with their catchy new tune What A Night being the song with which everyone joined in and had a blast.

Everyone's adrenaline rose whilst watching the two support acts, especially when they frequently mentioned the Olly Murs' name resulting in each and every crowd member screaming their lungs out. After enjoying the performances of Tich and The Lovable Rogues, everyone glared at the gigantic television screens on the sides of the now empty stage, trying and get some inkling about when Olly was going to come on stage.

We seemed to wait for an age. But in reality, it was only about twenty minutes. Songs by different artists played around us as we sat there at the height of excitement - but really, all we wanted to hear was Olly.

Those twenty minutes seemed to drag at the time, but then the music stopped and within a split-second, the time we had waited seemed to have vanished from everyone's memory as the curtain dropped and Olly was stood in front of us. Just like magic. We couldn't believe that we were sharing the same room as Olly, let alone being part of his incredible performance that was about to come.

Behind Olly stood his name in a shimmering font and around him, his friendly band, which played the background sounds to his songs. Then he began with his famous Dance With Me Tonight and introducing himself: "My name is Olly, nice to meet you, can I tell you Cardiff..."

The room seemed suddenly even more full to the brim, as everyone rose to sing with Olly, whilst he sang each song to perfection. Olly performed a number of his well-known hits, including Heart Skips A Beat and Troublemaker, as well as a number of hits from his three albums. The entire experience really felt like you were in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’, as Olly didn’t fail to keep us smiling. Not only did he sing his own songs, but kept us cheering with his impressive versions of A Town Called Malice - originally by The Jam - as well as Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash.

Olly connected with the audience fantastically, not merely by singing his sensational songs, but by dancing energetically and occasionally stopping to have a conversation with us. Midway through the performance, everyone rose to their feet with joy as silver stairs seemed to appear from thin air from the ceiling and Olly sang Hey You Beautiful whilst caressing the crowd with his every movement on the stairs. As well as singing, dancing and engaging the crowd, Olly also played the piano and the guitar, which really added to his outstanding all-round performance. His talent never seemed to end from the beginning to the end of his overall performance.

Perhaps the highlight of the whole night arrived when Olly made his way to the small centre stage and sang his slow, romantic song Hand On Heart, with which each crowd member waved their arms in a trance-like state, whilst falling in love with the experience of hearing Olly’s heavenly voice.

The whole night seemed dream-like, with sparkling lights shimmering from every angle of the venue. What’s more, although there were evidently hundreds of people in the room, with every performance, Olly had the remarkable ability to make one feel as if he were performing to them alone. When I think of that night, I think What A Buzz, but only two words were really enough to describe it; truly spectacular.

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Commented 37 months ago - 6th April 2013 - 17:38pm

i wish i could of gone!!!

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