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Review: NDCW - Summerdance @ New Theatre

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 14/08/2013 at 10:00
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Summerdance 2013
New Theatre, Cardiff
Saturday 10th August 2013

Dance is something I go to see the least. Not out of choice but rather my schedule. So here’s doing something about it and seeing more.

Every August, the last event till September is usually the Summerdance show by the young people who are part of the National Dance Company of Wales (or Diversions as they were originally called).

These are hopefully the dancers of tomorrow and their commitment is the envy of the likes of us who find going up a flight of stairs challenging. What is clear is how little boys are involved. There were no more than four in the show, but their presence was known, some in great solos.

Listed in the New Theatre brochure as being a performance of Orient and Cascade, it had clearly changed since then as the show was made up of smaller segments of dance and film work. The sound on the documentary footage of rehearsals could have been better and much louder. Most of the first half consisted of warm-up that just barely passed as performance. With a choreographer looking like the Italian Ryland (very handsome, I’ll have you know) we could see the connection between them all and how pleasant it was to see that. A duo for two girls called Exploration was intimate and enticing in their play as well.

The second half made up for any doubts with newly written music by Jak Poore; it felt like a professional night of dance. Entitled Paper Skies we saw the dancers take off on a journey of different landscapes and situations. For a moment it turned into The Rite Of Spring, as they formed into a large circle heads down and dancing in unison. One of the boys had this fantastic solo with his shadow. A spotlight threw upon him a lengthy shadow that he messed about with for awhile. It had proved to be a great evening out and more dance it is from now on (I shall make a note).

With more great work like this, they are off to greater peaks!

Rating: 8/10

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