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Review: Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze (3DS)

Posted by MarshMallo from Cardiff - Published on 08/04/2013 at 14:30
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Yn Gymraeg

At the last Sprout Editorial Group Meeting, I volunteered to review Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze.

The game, of course, is slightly based on the TV programme Monster High. The characters are all from the show and they each have a special ability that you can activate by collecting coins in races. There are three types of characters, light, medium and strong. Light characters are slightly faster than the others, they’re easier to manoeuvre and they are good at turning quick corners. Strong characters are slightly slower than the rest, but they are much quicker when going uphill or if you skid off the track. Medium characters are somewhere in-between.

It’s hard to review a game like this and not compare it with Mario Kart, so I will. Instead of playing as one character, you have three. They all have energy meters that go down when they race so you have to switch before they run out of energy. This means you can have a strong, medium and a light character. You can change your team each time you start a new circuit (which is four races).

This game has a slightly different vocabulary than I’m used to (for example, ‘spooky’ means ‘easy’), but it wasn’t too hard to get used to it. The controls were pretty easy to figure out. The ‘R’ button is for accelerating, ‘A’ is for a power-up, ‘B’ is for the special power and ‘Y’ is to switch characters. Easy.

Instead of those colourful boxes in Mario Kart, power-ups come in coffins. An advantage of having three characters is that you can have three power-ups stored at once: one for each character. I quite liked this feature, although I barely aimed for the power-ups especially and had no idea what half of them did. I concentrated on getting coins so I could use my character’s special power. I usually went for characters with speed as their special power.

All-in-all, it was a good game and quite entertaining. There are three laps in a race and four races in a circuit, so it took me quite a while to finish each one. There are three circuits in three difficulty settings, and it seemed strange for me because after the second circuit in ‘easy’, I had to complete the second circuit in ‘hard’ before the third circuit in ‘easy’ was available. This may have been a glitch.

So, to wrap up, I do think it’s one of those knockoff games designed to promote a TV programme or film, and you’re better off buying Mario Kart. Despite this, I feel like it’s a good game in its own right and even though there are better ones out there, that’s not to say it’s a bad game. It’s quite a good game, actually. I’d say, if you’re a fan of Monster High or a racing game that’s a little bit different, try it! Why not?

Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze is available now on the Nintendo 3DS, DS and Wii.

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